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Super Mario RPG: which upgrade bonus is best to give each character


Super Mario RPG: which upgrade bonus is best to give each character

These are the recommended improvement bonuses for each of the characters we have available in Super Mario RPG.

The Super Mario license also has certain entries focused on RPG, and yet, the re-release of Super Mario RPG is a tribute to those who could not enjoy the original title, basically because it did not reach our territory.

So the new Super Mario RPG for Nintendo Switch comes with improved graphics and gameplay and is a direct gift to European users who couldn't enjoy the original game.

We have a compendium of five characters that we can grow by leveling them up and specializing in the physical or magical, and there are doubts about that.

So based on our experience, we are going to help you choose which upgrade bonuses are best to give to each of the characters in Super Mario RPG.

Super Mario RPG: which upgrade bonus is best to give each character

Each time we level up, we can give a series of physical, magic, or life bonuses to the characters, and we can have doubts about which path to choose for each of them.

Choosing the hammer increases attack and defense stats; choosing the mushroom will increase health while choosing the flower will increase magic attack and magic defense stats.

Best upgrade bonus for Mario

In this case, the most advisable thing is to focus Mario on an all-terrain character, but a little more directing him towards the physical.

Although it would make sense to specialize him in both, it is worth clarifying that both Mallow and Peach are going to be specialized in magic and with spells superior to Mario's, so it would be a mistake if we focused the plumber only on magic.

The most advisable thing is to focus on the physical, but also without neglecting the magical aspect so that it has a certain balance at the end of the adventure.

Best Enhancement Bonus for Mallow

He is a character focused on magic and in fact, has one of the best spells in the entire game.

This way you should give the character flowers every time they level up to further improve their magic statistics.

It's not worth focusing on giving him some physicality unless you already have extremely high magic.

 Best upgrade bonus for Geno

He is one of those characters who don't go one way or the other, and in this case, it doesn't matter if he is physically or magically better.

Depending on your way of playing, you can try to improve the magic theme or improve the physical theme, and we leave it to your free choice.

Best upgrade bonus for Bowser

There is no doubt about it, Bowser must be improved to the maximum in terms of physique and leaving magic aside.

He is the best character we have when it comes to physicality, and therefore we must take him to the maximum before we reach the end of the adventure.

 Best Enhancement Bonus for Peach

There's no doubt about it either, he's the best character we have when it comes to magic, and we need to max out all of his stats and magic parameters before we reach the end of the adventure.

So in summary, we must focus on Bowser's physique almost exclusively; to magic of both Princess Peach and Mallow practically exclusively; to Geno a little at your free choice according to your way of playing and a balance of physicality and magic for Mario, although a little more physical.