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TFT: Compo Lulu and Ekko Reroll with Spellweaver in Set 10

 How to play the Lulu and Ekko Reroll comp with Spellweaver in Set 10? The editorial team offers you a guide to champions, items, and positioning.

The composition Lulu and Ekko Reroll with Spellweaver is one of the compositions of Set 10 of Teamfight Tactics. All the information on the champions, classes, and origins, as well as the new objects in this set, are available in this article.

We present to you the different champions of the composition, the objects they can carry, their positioning on your board as well as some advice on how to play the composition.

How to play the Lulu and Ekko Reroll comp with Spellweaver in Set 10 of TFT?

How to play the Lulu and Ekko Reroll comp with Spellweaver in Set 10 of TFT

Lulu is an AP carry that can deal huge damage when you find him mid-game. The goal will be to have a Headliner Lulu with the Spell Weaver trait in order to have the 7 as quickly as possible. The composition is completed with minor synergies like K/DA or Sentinel.

The 7 Spellweavers are easily attainable, especially if you have a Headliner on this trait. Then, the composition sports a few champions in order to activate certain synergies. You can nevertheless place legendary champions at level 9 like Illaoi, Blitzcrank, Ziggs, and Thresh ...

In terms of composition, the game plan is quite simple: Place Spellweaver at the start of the game to reach level 7 in order to search for  Lulu Headliner who is essential to your composition. Once you have it, slowroll at level 7 to reroll Lulu and Ekko until you have them 3 stars. Depending on the game, you can also perform these actions at level 8. You can also switch to other 3-star champions if you find a lot of them like Séraphine or Lillia for example, but this remains occasional and not essential in terms of the power of this composition. .

In terms of items, Lulu is very strong with a blue Buff so she can cast as quickly as possible. A Precious Gauntlet, a Hextech Gunblade, and the Giant Slayer are very powerful equipment on Lulu. Other alternatives are possible depending on your components or situations such as: Spear of Shojin, Adaptive Helmet, Staff of the Archangel, Headdress of Rabadon, or Guard Break.