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TFT: Twisted Fate Compo with Disco and Mesmer in Set 10

 How to play the Twisted Fate comp with Disco and Mesmer in Set 10? The editorial team offers you a guide to champions, items, and positioning.

The composition Twisted Fate with Disco and Mesmer is one of the compositions of Set 10 of Teamfight Tactics. All the information on the champions, classes, and origins, as well as the new objects in this set, are available in this article.

We present to you the different champions of the composition, the objects they can carry, their positioning on your board as well as some advice on how to play the composition.

How to play the Twisted Fate comp with Disco and Mesmer in TFT Set 10?

How to play the Twisted Fate comp with Disco and Mesmer in TFT Set 10

Twisted Fate is an AP carry that can deal huge damage when you find it late game. Since he is Disco, you can play him easily if you play this trait early, laying down 3 Disco like Gragas, Taric, and Nami if you have them early. The goal will be to have a Headlining TF with the Disco trait in order to have the 5 as quickly as possible which will allow you to have the two disco balls.

If your goal is not to play all 6 Disco, your most interesting  Headliner at level 8 will be TF Mesmer Headliner, which allows you to play  4 Mesmers. If you have the opportunity to go to level 9 later in the game, Sona Headliner or Ziggs Headliner are interesting options to consider regardless of their increased trait.

In terms of composition, the game plan is quite simple: play  6 Disco  (with  TF Headliner, otherwise only 5) + a good flexible frontline like Ekko for example, but you can also simply play late utility tanks party like Zac,  Thresh,  Yorick ...

In terms of items, TF is very strong with a Rabadon Headdress which increases its damage tenfold, or with an Archangel's Staff. TF is also fond of equipment that uses attack speed like a Guinsoo's Enraged Blade, a Statikk Dagger. A Giant Slayer or a Hextech Gunblade for the survivability of your carry are also good alternatives.