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The Bosses most loved by players in Terraria


The Bosses most loved by players in Terraria

If you are starting out in the magical world of Terraria, you cannot stop exploring its different biomes as well as meeting the great characters that will help you fight against the enemies that may appear in any adventure.

Therefore, it is important to differentiate each enemy that you may encounter along the way since they threaten your existence; being able to attack and hurt you. But this is not all, since there is a very particular type of enemies, such as the bosses in Terraria, whose qualities can clearly be differentiated.

There is an extensive list of bosses in Terraria that you can meet through biomes and difficulty levels. Furthermore, these bosses belong to older console versions and many of them remain in the most current versions.

However, for users, it is not only enough to know which bosses are the best, but it is also necessary to evaluate their behavior and performance in adventures. Here is when each player chooses his favorite bosses.

For these reasons, here we want to help you get to know the most popular and demanded bosses by Terraria users.

Below we present the bosses most requested by Terraria players.
Below we present the bosses most requested by Terraria players.

What bosses represent in the world of Terraria

The first thing you should know is that bosses are a type of monsters with great resistance and the ability to cause great damage; In addition, these bosses have an unmatched attack pattern.

These monsters can emerge in two ways: naturally (depending on certain factors and/or conditions) or through invocations with objects until they appear.

The list of bosses in Terraria is quite extensive and will depend on the versions of the video game. For example, in the PC version, there are 32 bosses, 28 in the console version, 21 in the 3DS version, and 19 bosses in older console versions.

In addition, the game mode also influences the appearance of these monsters, and the best thing is that after their appearance they usually leave special and unique objects.

The 10 favorite bosses according to users in Terraria

Most of the faithful players of the video game usually make a list of their favorite bosses, either because of the resistance that characterizes them, because of their degree of damage, or because they simply prefer it more than any other monster.

However, in this case, the best bosses are not categorized, but rather they are listed according to the preference of the majority of the players, which makes this a subjective process since it will depend on the tastes of each user.

Below we present in detail the 10 most loved bosses by Terraria players.

Bosses in Terraria
Bosses in Terraria

Cthulhu Brain

One of the most requested bosses by users is the one belonging to the crimson, Brain of Cthulhu, which can be summoned through the destruction of 3 crimson hearts or, by using a bloody spine.

It has a pattern of attacks that in its first form obtains damage, and can also summon 20 to 30 creatures that are around it. Once the defeat of said creatures has been achieved, he will take damage. Furthermore, in Expert mode, this boss presents other patterns that appear every 3 seconds with 2 copies in order to mislead when playing and also apply debuffs.

The Eye of Cthulhu

It is a very classic boss, it is characterized by being energetic and the easiest in the entire game and, therefore, the first in the progression. This monster can emerge naturally when the user has more than 200 health more than 10 defense and higher than the 2 NPCs. He can also appear when the boss reaches half-health.

A classic boss in Terraria
A classic boss in Terraria

As for its pattern, it is related to the lunge and the summoning of the Cthulhu servants, and in the second way of summoning it is lunged more frequently. On the other hand, in Expert mode, this boss presents an extra phase when his life runs out and it will attack the player quickly with consecutive attacks.

World Eater

This is a boss that replaces the Brain of Cthulhu monster and belongs to the Corruption biome. He can be summoned by destroying 3 shadow orbs or also by using worm bait.

As for the pattern of attacks, it is made up of devouring segments that allow it to go underground in order to attack the user just like a devourer. When the World Eater is in expert mode it becomes faster and gains the ability to fire projectiles.


He is one of the Normal mode bosses and can be found naturally in the tundra at the time of a blizzard or can also be summoned during any part of the day using a deer tackle.


Its attack is peculiar since it is vulnerable to attacks from a distance from the player. The latter causes the player to face attacks that can apply the slow and frozen debuff.


This is one of the favorite bosses for players and one of the reasons is the catchy electric guitar that usually accompanies Plantera. He is summoned by breaking a Plantera bulb located in the underground jungle, once you have killed the 3 mechanical bosses.

This powerful boss has 2 forms of damage: in the first it moves by holding solid blocks with its hooks and at the same time emitting spiked balls or projectiles, while in the second form, it has a much faster movement, attacking the user and emitting from his body certain man-eaters.


It is a boss that determines the players' entrance to the dungeon, therefore for this to be possible you must defeat it, otherwise the Guardian of this place will end the player's existence.

Defeat Skeleton to enter the dungeon
Defeat Skeleton to enter the dungeon

To summon this monster you must talk to the old man (during the night) and then release the curse; Finally, you must kill the peddler using a voodoo doll for him. In addition, Esqueletrón has 2 patterns, one to attack with his hands, a floating and rotating head.

The other pattern is in Expert mode with both or one hand being defeated, so that the head begins to launch projectiles as if it were a cursed skull. Once killed, it is difficult to summon him again.

Duke Fishron

This boss has a very peculiar appearance, it is a monster that looks like a fish, dragon, and pig at the same time and can be summoned by fishing in an ocean, taking a truffle worm as prey.

As for its 2 forms, in the first it attacks the players up to 5 times and subsequently emits sharknados or explosive bubbles and, in the second form you can see how its eyes shine, its body becomes a little darker and it They increases their attacks and defense.

On the other hand, it should be noted that in Expert mode, when he has little life, the boss's body becomes invisible except for his eyes, which can always be seen. In addition, the attack on players becomes much faster. Remember to avoid making him leave the ocean, as this increases his defense and anger.

Empress of light

Empress of light

It is nothing more than a blessing boss, which has approximately seventy thousand life points and can be summoned by killing Prismatic Lacewing in the biome that bears the same name. Due to the great difficulty involved in the confrontation, he leaves a fairly strong equipment item.

The Queen Bee

It is invoked in hives by breaking the beehive or a larva. This boss stands out for his 3 attacks; in the first he attacks the player on both sides, in the second he summons bees to attack the user and, in the last, he launches projectiles that are poisonous. While in Expert mode, the lower his life, the faster his attack will be.

The Twins

And last but not least, we bring you The Twins; 2 eyes connected to each other that correspond to a version of the Eye of Cthulhu. However, both eyes are different and have their own names.

The Twins

The first eye is Spasmatizer who is responsible for executing melee attacks. The second is Retinator which applies attacks at a considered distance. This boss is considered one of the best and favorite of players. Possibly it is because of its patterns similar to the Eye of Cthulhu and that when receiving damage, they appear in its second form.

This second form involves Retinator attacking with lasers and Spasmatizer quickly charging at the player and launching demonic flames. As for its invocation, it can be through the mechanical eye or appear naturally when activating the difficult mode in the video game.