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The worst crime of all time in One Piece changes the series forever


The worst crime of all time in One Piece changes the series forever

Over the years, the plot of One Piece has included countless shocking events that reflect the level of evil and criminality of some of the characters in the series, who have not been measured when committing their misdeeds, being a clear example of them, the Celestial Dragons, since these vile and despicable individuals have been characterized by their tyranny and disrespect for the lives of other inhabitants in this vast universe that Oda created.

The Future Island arc has delved a little deeper into the events of One Piece's past, which has resulted in a small look at many of the crimes committed by the Celestial Dragons, which could be included in a long list without end, demonstrating how despicable these individuals can be.

However, the most recent chapter of the One Piece manga has shown the worst crime that these villains could have committed since it is so serious that it makes more plausible the hatred that many may feel for the despicable World Nobles.

This post contains spoilers for chapter #1098 of the One Piece manga.

Ginny's kidnapping is one of the worst crimes in One Piece

Ginny's kidnapping is one of the worst crimes in One Piece
Ginny's kidnapping and abuse is one of the worst crimes in One Piece, which completely changed the series

It is well known that Eiichiro Oda has been characterized by adapting real-world problems in his work, showing different nuances of these unfortunate vicissitudes that many people usually deal with every day. However, the mangaka has taken things further, as he has used these elements insightfully, giving them a different and deeper perspective that confirms that the story of One Piece is not only full of fun.

As we have mentioned, the last chapters of the One Piece manga have addressed Kuma's tragic past in which more details have been learned about this character and his daughter, Bonney, since the origin of the young pirate has also been revealed. , who turned out to be the daughter of Ginny, Bartholomew's childhood friend.

But this is not all, since in the middle of Kuma's flashbacks it has been possible to know the backstory of Ginny, who was kidnapped by a Celestial Dragon who forced her to be his wife, this being a great crime on the part of the Tenryuubitos that finishes confirming the true face of these individuals, who have vilely abused, humiliated and murdered out of simple whim.

Ginny's backstory explores a much more delicate topic that had not been included by Oda until now, such as sexual abuse, since she was kidnapped by a World Noble for two years, forcing her to be his wife, leaving her pregnant with Bonney, who apparently is the daughter of said Celestial Dragon. Likewise, after she became ill, she was discarded, a detail that reflects the monstrosity of the Tenryuubitos and the evil in her actions.

The heartbreaking and ruthless crime committed against Ginny could be classified as one of the worst in the series, as it adds greater emotional depth and maturity to the plot, demonstrating that this work not only tells fun pirate adventures, it also usually includes clichés. very delicate that does not leave anyone indifferent.

It should be noted that Ginny's backstory has changed the plot forever, as it has given it a deeper touch that foreshadows that this work will address much darker and more disturbing topics in the coming events, which will continue to confirm that the Celestial Dragons They are the true villains of the series, who use their authority to commit misdeeds, following the example of the World Government, an organization that hides many secrets from the past.

Without a doubt, the most recent arc of One Piece has addressed all kinds of shocking events, with Ginny's backstory being a clear example of this since the young woman was the victim of one of the worst crimes in the series committed by the Nobles. World Cups.