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This is the character that the creator of Dragon Ball has always hated


This is the character that the creator of Dragon Ball has always hated

Dragon Ball has an especially broad cast of characters and with the entry of Dragon Ball Super, it has been significantly expanded by the numerous sagas that have explored territories unknown to the franchise to date. Now, with the announcement of Dragon Ball Daima could be expanded even more, so we will have to see what the new series in which Akira Toriyama himself, the creator of the license, is involved in, translates into. A Toriyama who can't stand one of the main characters, even though he has had more and more prominence.

At least this was revealed in an interview given in 1995 to the Dragon Ball Daizenshuu 2 data book which is compiled on the specialized portal Kanzenshuu. When asked about the characters that give life to the universe of the franchise, Akira Toriyama was somewhat displeased with Vegeta, although highlighting that it was useful to him in shaping the story of the Z saga. Toriyama revealed that the Demon King Piccolo is his villain favorite, something that caused his reaction to the Saiyan prince. "With Vegeta, well, I don't like him very much, but it was a great help to have him around," noted the creator of the series.

Toriyama can confirm the theory about Vegeta's role in Dragon Ball

Although the situation could have changed over the years, fans claim that Toriyama's hatred for Vegeta is causing him to be constantly mistreated in successive sagas, always being one step behind Goku. In this way, the community believes that the creator of Dragon Ball will never allow the Saiyan prince to be able to truly surpass the protagonist of the franchise, since his hatred towards the character will prevent him from taking that step to cause a change in the approach of the Serie.

However, even though Toriyama may not like Vegeta, the Saiyan prince has been increasingly present in the successive Dragon Ball sagas, so his presence is essential to understand the franchise.