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This Super Mario RPG trick was only in the original Japanese version, but it works in the remake


This Super Mario RPG trick was only in the original Japanese version, but it works in the remake

Nintendo rescues a curious Easter egg in the form of a trick for Super Mario RPG Remake, the new version of the classic SNES game released in 1996.

Few Mario games are as special (and strange) as Super Mario RPG, a role-playing game that was developed by Square Enix in the late '90s, as an SNES exclusive. This classic never arrived (as such) in Europe, but now we have the opportunity with Super Mario RPG Remake.

It is a modern version of that 1996 classic, which presents a new visual and artistic section on Nintendo Switch, but with all the magic of the original game.

That SNES gem, nicknamed Legend of the Seven Stars, would arrive in Japan and the United States, but to enjoy it in Europe we had to wait until 2008, as part of the Wii Virtual Console.

What you may not know is that Super Mario RPG Remake rescues one of the biggest mysteries of the original Japanese version, which we teach you how to do in the new version.

The exclusive trick from the 1996 Japanese version

Super Mario RPG is a unique game, which with its original release in Japan had certain winks, references, and Easter eggs that we never saw in the West. It is logical since some are in the original Japanese translation.

For example, there are two comments about Bruce Lee and Sailor Moon, which are not in the English translation. The same thing happened with a strange trick, which was exclusive to the Japanese version.

With the arrival of Super Mario RPG Remake, Nintendo has rescued this trick for all versions of the title, and it is really easy to execute.

In order to do so, we must enter the Super Mario RPG Remake pause menu. To do this, press the + button on the right Joy-Con. The statistics, level, and skills of Mario and his companions will be displayed.

Now, follow this button combination: Down, Up, Right, Left, L, R, L, R, B. If you did it right, Toad will appear in the menu.

It will tell us that we have found a secret key. Next, you will start going through the sections of the menu, only to realize that there is no change.

Indeed, Toad confirms that this key does not cause any changes, and tells us that if we run it again nothing will happen (and he tells the truth). Not only that, but it also confirms that there are NO more cheats in Super Mario RPG.

And that's it. In reality, it is nothing more than a nice Easter egg, which leaves the player with honey on their lips. It's funny if we take into account that cheats and codes are very common in this type of game.

Super Mario RPG Remake has been available since last Friday, November 17, exclusively for Nintendo Switch. If you're interested in playing the original 1996 version, you can only do so on SNES or the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console.