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TOTY FC 24, when can you vote for the team of the year on EA Sports FC 24?

 EA Sports FC 24 should get teams of the year, but when can we vote? We will try to give you the answer.

For several years now, EA Sports has offered a vote so that fans of its famous football simulation license can elect their team of the year generally, but also by championship.

Some players are wondering when the vote for TOTY will be launched on EA Sports FC 24 and we will try to give you the answer based on the launch dates of previous editions.

When will we be able to vote for TOTY on EA Sports FC 24?

If like most gamers, you're looking forward to being able to vote for Team of the Year on EA Sports FC 24, well, as of yet, EA Sports hasn't revealed an official date.

However, we can estimate its launch date thanks to previous editions and the selected players should be revealed on Monday January 8. As for the votes, they should be opened the next day, that is to say, Tuesday January 9. Once voting is complete, the 2023 TOTY on EA Sports FC 24 should be revealed on Thursday, January 18 if the date on EA Sports FC 23 is anything to go by.

Of course, we will update this article when we know more on the subject.