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Wakfu mineral tower: how to access the dungeon?

 The single-account server on Wakfu has been in full swing since its release at the beginning of November. How to access the Mineral Tower, a specific dungeon from level 35?

Galvanized by its success since the launch of its new single-account servers, Wakfu is in full swing and a plethora of new players are embarking on the adventure since the release of the various Ogrest servers on November 2, 2023. If the game Wakfu, developed by Ankama Games, has often been put in the shadow of its little brother Dofus since its creation, many newbies are discovering this unique MMORPG which offers diversity in terms of combat against monsters which are more precisely called PvM (Player versus Monsters).

Today, we're looking at a particular dungeon in Wakfu: the Mineral Tower. Dungeon which is available in three levels: from level 36, 186, and 201. However, certain prerequisites are necessary in order to access the dungeon area and then the instance itself. 

How to access the Mineral Tower dungeon on Wakfu?

The Mineral Tower is not a dungeon like any other. In addition to its particular mechanics, players will have to complete a quest available from level 36 before being able to access the instance. It is, therefore, necessary for you to complete the Mineral Tower quest which remains relatively simple since you only need to speak to a few NPCs within the nation of Amakna.

Once completed, the quest gives you access to a new area: the Mineral Tower. First of all, know that you must craft or buy a Feca Incantation. From then on, you are ready to defeat the monsters in the dungeon which can be done by three players at level 50 maximum.

How to access the Mineral Tower dungeon on Wakfu

The Mineral Tower dungeon at level 36 is special because it is the only one that randomly alternates between eight different gameplays at each entry. If you would like to have more details on the different existing gameplays, we invite you to see them on the Method Wakfu website.

Let us also point out that the dungeon has three versions on three different level brackets: 36, 186, and 201. It is therefore useful to know that a new access quest will be requested for each new level bracket.