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Walkthrough of Resident Evil 4 Remake: Separate Ways - all the treasures and orders of the merchant

 Separate Ways is a key story addition for Resident Evil 4 Remake, where players take on the role of Ada Wong. In this guide, we will describe a detailed walkthrough of the game, give useful tips, and tell you how to find all the treasures and complete the merchant's orders.

Walkthrough of Resident Evil 4 Remake: Separate Ways - all the treasures and orders of the merchant

Game Tips

In the Separate Ways add-on, players will enjoy familiar gameplay with a minimum of changes. The only DLC feature is Ada's grappling hook, with which she can overcome some obstacles. This item can only be used in specially designated areas. Otherwise, this is still the same Resident Evil 4. Below we have answered some questions that may arise as you progress.

How to find all the treasures

Finding treasures in this add-on is not the most tedious part of the gameplay. By spending a few extra minutes, you can save up enough money to purchase weapons, power-ups, or keychains.

The treasure won't appear on the map at first, but once you meet the merchant, you'll be able to buy a treasure map. Unlike the original game, here you don’t have to purchase a separate map in each chapter - it will highlight all valuable items in all locations.

How to kill bosses quickly

The fastest way to kill any boss is to shoot it with a rocket launcher. But to do this you will have to accumulate enough pesetas. Therefore, if you do not want to waste ammo and time, be sure to prepare for each such battle.

Why do the merchant's quests? Where can I get small keys?

Mini-tasks of the traveling merchant not only dilute the gameplay, but also allow you to earn diamonds. These, in turn, are used to exchange for small keys, treasures, a treasure map and skins for the case.

Which keychains should I buy from a merchant?

In the assortment of a traveling merchant you will find many keychains, but not all of them are equally useful. We recommend not spending pesetas and saving them to purchase the main boosts:

  • Decoration “Emblem of the Illuminados” (25,000 pesetas) - increases the chance of inflicting a critical hit in melee by 20%.
  • Decoration "Combat" (100,000 pesetas) - increases running speed by 8%.
  • Hell Decoration (purchased with spinels) - allows you to snatch shields from some enemies using a grappling hook pistol.

Chapter 1. Castle

Get out of the dungeon with Louis, along the way you can pick up green grass. After the cutscene, your first battle with a strong enemy awaits you. Shoot mainly at the head, and when phantoms appear on the map, throw a flash grenade. This will save ammunition.

Don't rush to leave the hall - look around it and collect cartridges and pesetas. After the video, the game will teach you how to use the grappling hook. You will find yourself in a location in front of the castle gates. You can use stealth and get to the cannon at the bottom of the building. At the top, don't miss the red chest (elegant hairpin).

In the tower with the cannon on the table, take the sniper rifle and ammo, then shoot the stone to make the cannon rise higher. With its help you need to get rid of three catapults in front of the castle.

In the courtyard next to the gazebo (in the main walkthrough it is destroyed right in front of Leon) there is a chest (bracelet).

Before the next hook point, find a small chest (ruby). Repeat the steps with the cannon and catapults, after which the chapter will end.

Chapter 2. Village

There will be several local residents at the location - kill them and go downstairs. At this moment, the gate will open and another crowd of zombies will enter. Use mines and explosive barrels to quickly deal with them. Here, examine the red chest and take the treasure (ring).

Continue forward. Once in a small house, you can deal with three locals using stealth. There will be several more waiting near the bridge. To the right of the bridge, find a path that will lead to another treasure (decanter).

After crossing the bridge, climb up the wooden platforms above. When they start to crack, stop running. At the top you will have to solve the first riddle . You need to select the correct characters in a certain sequence:

  • Middle left;
  • Top center;
  • Bottom right.

How to find all the blue medallions for the merchant

If you want to complete the merchant's first task and get spinels, then do not rush to follow the opened door. Use the hook on the wooden platform opposite (you will see a blue medallion below) and pick up the leaf.

You have already found the first icon, there are three more left. They are all located nearby. Get to the church and watch the cutscene. This will conclude the chapter.

Church and elder's house

Use the grappling hook and find the ruby ​​on the roof (you must first shoot the nest). Find cartridges and gunpowder in the utility room , then follow through the cemetery back to the village. Along the way you will meet zombies - you can remove points from one of them . It's not a treasure, but a merchant will buy the item for a good amount of money.

After meeting the merchant, go to the central square and fight the giant cockroach again. The enemy will use the illusion again - to save ammunition, shoot only at the enemy with red eyes. When you deal with him, be sure to inspect the location and collect all the treasures, since next time you won’t be able to do this, because some houses will be inaccessible for inspection.

  1. Enter the barn using the hook (in the original Leon planted Ashley here). Inside is a large chest with a perfume bottle.
  2. Examine the house to the right of the passage to the church. In the bedroom there is a chest with a ruby.
Gather other supplies and run to the village chief's house.

Chapter 3. How to complete the second merchant task

Enter the room through the window and look around. Here you will find a locked cabinet - you need to open it with a key, which is hidden in one of the paintings in the living room. As soon as you exit into the corridor, take the grenade on the right.

On the ground floor you can also find green herb , treasure (expensive watch) and a chicken egg. If you look around the restroom, you will find red herb.

Return to the second floor and take the documents from the drawer. As soon as you leave the room, there will be a short escape from the locals.

Once in front of the merchant, run into the passage on the left and reach a dead end. There is a cage with a treasure (emerald).

To the right of the entrance to the building, take a piece of paper with the second assignment and go inside. Here you will encounter several enemies, as well as a man wearing a Leon jacket . Kill him and sell him to the merchant.

On the table in the small room you will find a crossbow with several arrows. You can keep it or sell it. In the basement, examine Louis's tracks and find a pack of cigarettes - turn it to find out the frequency for communication.

At the same moment, two chainsaws and a group of ordinary infected will appear in the building. Deal with them, close the valve at the exit and go outside. Watch the cutscene.

How to kill a Giant

This will take you back to the village chief's house. Go down to the first floor and exit through the back door. Here you will find a treasure (red beryl).

On the way to the mill you can use the merchant again. Here, for the first time in the expansion, you will begin to encounter enemies with parasites. We recommend purchasing a small key from the merchant - use it on the locker in the one-story house on the left side of the square (gold bracelet). There is also a golden egg inside the building (it can be sold immediately).

If you have saved up enough money, then buy a rocket launcher for 80,000 pesetas. This will speed up the fight with El Gigante, which will happen immediately after you get to the bridge.

At the mill, find two treasures - a pearl necklace hanging in a cage on the windmill, and a yellow diamond on a wooden beam on the mill building.

If you didn't buy a rocket launcher, you'll have to fight the boss the old fashioned way. Shoot the head first, and when the parasite appears, aim at it. We do not recommend climbing the central building from the very beginning of the battle; it is best to cruise around, shooting at the big guy.

Chapter 4. How to solve the riddles and collect all the ingredients

Follow Luis and deal with the group of fanatics. When your partner runs into the burning room, immediately follow him and watch the video.

You have a linear path where you need to collect three ingredients. First, move to the next wing of the castle and find all the lithographic plates. One lies on the sofa opposite the locked door, and the second is on the table in the room with the merchant.

Install them in the following sequence:

  • Turn the plate with the umbrella on the leftover to make a fan and place it in the upper part;
  • Place the plate with the umbrella on top on the right side;
  • Move the plate on the right down;
  • Install the remaining plate in place of the first plate on the left side.

Next comes the shield puzzle. A note with a hint can be found in the same room if you interact with the lever:

  1. Bottom left.
  2. Top right.
  3. Bottom right.

Take the first ingredient and go down to the courtyard. However, there is also a small puzzle to solve here. You need to shoot at certain shields to open doors. 

Once you find yourself in the corridor with the knights, follow the dead end and open the red chest (antique compass). Here take the silver bottle, after which the light will go out, and several parasites will attack Ada. Killing them is quite simple: shoot the parasite several times, then hit it to knock off the helmet. Finish him off with two or three shots from a pistol or one shot from a shotgun.

In the next corridor you will come across a locked locker (you can buy the key later and go back). Place the bottle and take the same one, only gold. You will have to fight a group of parasitic knights, as well as two crossbowmen. Don't forget to pick up the treasure (Alexandrite) behind the wall in the same room.

Take the silver bottle, place the gold one and go into the next corridor. Take the gold one again and place the silver one. So you can proceed further.

You can purchase a small key from the merchant for spinels (the stones will drop from the knights) and go back to open the locker (an elaborate necklace). Outside, look for a velvety gem in the gazebo, and also collect some perches. Another treasure in this area is hidden in a dead end, as shown in the screenshot below (red beryl).

When you reach the maze, fanatics will appear. The leader will avoid you in every possible way - use a grappling hook to kill him as quickly as possible. If you don't have time, the enemy will turn all normal enemies into zombies with parasites instead of heads.

When you've dealt with everyone, find the treasure (a lamp with butterflies) in the dead end.

How to find all the blue medallions in the yard

Follow the screenshots to find all the medallions and get your reward from the merchant.

Once you reach the castle walls, go down to the lowest level and look behind the wall on the right. There is a treasure chest here (ruby).

The second treasure (golden hourglass) in this area is on the opposite side. First you need to activate the moon lever. Another chest stands right in front of the padlocked grate (yellow diamond).

What is the code for the bow tie locker?

When you find yourself in the room with the last ingredient, you will have to do a little investigation using the scanner. However, you can also simply enter the combination on the lock:

  • Bug;
  • Scull;
  • Lizard.

Chapter 5. How to flush the water and defeat the pesanta

Exit the tower outside and climb up. There is a treasure chest here (pearl bracelet). Follow Louis' footsteps by switching the levers to the corresponding sun and moon signs. In the first large room, turn right - a treasure chest (elegant crown). Don't rush to sell it. If you have five different-colored gems, then you can get 100,000 credits for this item. 

After going down into the mine through the drainage system, climb the broken stairs and at the top of it take the velvety gem.

There are several treasures in this location, but first you need to drain the water from the canal. To do this, follow forward all the time until you reach the valve. Here you will meet a merchant and receive a new assignment (to find a giant fish). It is located in one of the channels on the way to the main goal.

When you jump into the canal, pay attention to the water. There are insects hiding under it - you can spot them by their green eyes.

Don't rush to follow the goal of the task. Go back and go up the stairs. There is a red chest (Alexandrite) here , as well as a locked cabinet that requires a small key (Gold Bar).

Having reached a spacious room, take a sniper rifle (it is advisable that you have already purchased a biosensor sight) and fire a few shots at the still chained blind monster.

Regular enemies will appear in the arena - use them as a distraction and finish off Garrador.

But the chapter will not end there. Prepare to fight the pesanta that has been stalking Ada since the beginning of the game. The battle will take place in two stages, so we recommend purchasing at least one rocket launcher. This will save ammunition for the second battle.

In the second battle, the tactics are simple: dodge the monster’s blows and shoot in the eye when it emerges from the ground. From time to time, insects will appear on the map that need to be quickly shot. In addition, the mutant will sometimes throw bombs around the arena - try to stay away from them.

Once you reach the exit from the castle, find the lever with which you can open the gate. Don't try to kill all the zombies, as they will arrive with each new gate opening. Pick up another assignment next to the merchant.

How to complete the merchant's order "Insect Storm"

Deal with a couple of three mutants and find a lever that will launch the lifting mechanisms. When following the tunnels, be sure to look up. You will see two disguised novistadors. The third hid in front of the cave entrance on the wall on the left side.

Note: If you do not find all three mutants before using the grappling hook, the mission will fail.

Chapter 6. How to find the power supply

Kill several enemies and inspect the booth on the hill, then proceed to the room with the amber. Here, find a treasure chest (crystal ore) and get ready to meet a group of sailors.

Outside, wait for the lift, then use the grapple to jump over the fence. In addition to regular opponents, you will also encounter several mini-bosses, one of which will have a light machine gun.

How to complete the merchant's quest "Magnificent Bugs"

This task is completed as you move towards the main goal. Having reached the first laboratory, where several sailors will be waiting, use the biosensor sight and destroy the parasites inside the regenerator. From his corpse you can pick up the first beetle.

The second bug is on the top floor, in the room where another regenerator will be waiting for you.

Take the power supply from the refrigerator and take the shortcut back to the door. In the hallway, stay right to find a treasure chest (golden lynx).

After dealing with a few more regenerators, at the end of the corridor you will see a locked box (golden bar). Since the location is looped, you can return here after visiting the merchant.

Insert the power supply into the connector next to the gate and board the funicular. Along the way you will need to shoot back from enemies with firearms and grenade launchers.

How to complete the merchant's order "Insect Storm 2"

In the next location you will encounter a huge number of enemies, as well as several machine gunners. The latter need to be bypassed and the barrels inside the bunkers blown up. On the same map you need to find three large camouflaged insects. The easiest way to do this is with a biosensor sight. Refer to the screenshots.

How to complete the merchant's order "Insect Storm 2"

How to complete the merchant's order "Insect Storm 2"

How to complete the merchant's order "Insect Storm 2"

How to escape from an unknown monster

Having reached the laboratory, enter the code “148” on the first panel to meet with an unknown test subject. It's quite slow, so you can easily close the valve and squeeze between the gates.

As you make your way through the sewer, don't miss the treasure. Once you get up, use the code on the door "237" , kill the only sailor and take the treasure (an elaborate necklace).

Next, you will need to go through the lasers and enter the code “430” on the panel . At the end of the chapter, go through a simple QTE with lasers.

Chapter 7. How to defeat Lord Saddler

Run to the shrine and get ready to fight Lord Saddler. We advise you to buy a rocket launcher - just one shot will calm down the main boss of Resident Evil 4.

Next, you will just need to follow forward all the time, killing monsters. When the timer starts, we recommend that you do not linger on each enemy - try to bypass them until you get to the grenade launcher.

Get rid of the tentacle that's blocking the grappling hook's view, then kill all the sailors on the platform. If this is not done, the elevator will not start. You will have approximately three minutes.

Throw the grenade launcher at Leon and watch the final cutscene. This completes the walkthrough of Resident Evil 4 Remake: Separate Ways.