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Warcraft Rumble: The differences with Clash Royale

 Warcraft Rumble is a new tactical mobile game available on phones. It is similar in certain respects to Clash Royale, but what are the differences?

Warcraft Rumble is one of the latest games in the Warcraft license. Developed by Blizzard, it is the studio's first game to be exclusively on mobile phones. This game contains dozens of units from the Warcraft license and which explores the imagination of this world in a lighter way.

Clash Royale is another game, released before Warcraft Rumble, which is one of the first to feature a type of tactical game like Warcraft Rumble. The comparison is therefore a logical thing for many worlds and we will present to you the differences and common points that you can find between the two games.

What are the differences between Wacraft Rumble and Clash Royale?

Before listing the differences, we can already talk about the common points, which will also serve as presentations of the two games for people who do not know them well.

Warcraft Rumble is a real-time strategy game in which you must place units on a board to attack the enemy base. The first person to succeed in destroying the opponent's base, represented by towers, wins. The particularity of the game is that once deployed, the units stand alone on the line on which you have placed them. Additionally, you don't have all units available, but only 4 at a time. You must therefore place them to have access to your units that are still available. To be able to place your units, you must spend gold which is generated over time.

Warcraft Rumble: The differences with Clash Royale

Finally, you must create your own army, your deck, made up of a maximum of 7 units. All the points we listed above are common points with Clash Royale but we can notice several major differences:

  • Map size and type: Maps are much larger in Warcraft Rumble and often feature not two but three lines of attack.
  • Gold generation: in addition to passive resource generation, Warcraft rumble allows you to mine gold for your units on the field or open chests, adding secondary objectives whose control will be key to victory.
  • Deck building: Each deck has a leader who will determine the archetype of your deck in addition to being a major piece on the battlefield.
  • A Rock-Paper-Scissors System: Each unit has one type that is effective against another type: melee versus ranged, ranged versus flyer, and flyer versus melee.
  • A big single-player campaign : on Warcraft Rumble, you don't need to be a fan of PvP to play . You can play only against the computer with a very large single player campaign available to everyone. In addition to this campaign, there are also dungeons and, in the future, raids.

All these differences make Warcraft Rumble an original title that will be able to make its mark in the world of mobile gaming.