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What does onii-chan mean in animes and mangas?


What does onii-chan mean in animes and mangas?

Both manga and anime, being of Japanese origin, are greatly influenced by this culture in various aspects, the most notable being nothing more and nothing less than the forms of communication and language, well, obviously, Japanese is the language in which each of these stories are.

By virtue of this, there are many expressions, which may be verbal or corporal (gestures and behaviors), that are characteristics of the Japanese language and culture, such as, for example, greetings such as “ohayo” (おはよう, “good morning”) or “Konnichiwa” (こんにちは, “hello” or “good morning”), or expressions to refer to other people such as “Hahaoya” (母親, “mom”), “Imoto” (妹”, “sister”), and even the popular word “onii-chan”, which we will talk about in more depth in this post.

 “onii-chan” is one of the most used and well-known Japanese words in anime, although, for many manganime fans, its meaning and why it is so used is a total enigma, so, Next, we will explain more about this well-known Japanese expression that has become a recurring element in manga and anime.

What is the meaning of the word onii-chan and why is it so used in manganime?

If you are a fan of anime and manga, you surely know that one of the most used and recurring terms that is present in Japanese works is nothing more and nothing less than the expression onii-chan.

“Onii-chan” (お兄ちゃん) is a term in Japanese that translates as “older brother”, and is used to refer in an affectionate and/or respectful way, as the expression denotes, to an older brother, who It may well be biological or not.

This expression is normally used by younger sisters to refer to their older brother, but with the intention of demonstrating their affection, respect, and esteem towards him, and even, in some cases, it can also be used to refer to someone they care about. admire.

Together with other terms such as “Yamero”, “Arigato”, “Domo” and “Yamete Kudasai”, “Onii-chan” has become one of the most recurring and well-known anime expressions or phrases worldwide among fans. from the manganime.

The reason why this expression is so used in manga and anime is directly related to the fact that, in Japanese culture, a lot of respect is expressed towards authority figures in the family, such as parents. and even older brothers and sisters.

The fact that in Japanese culture family relationships are extremely important is one of the main reasons why the word onii-chan is so used in manganime, since it is used to express respect, admiration, or esteem towards an older brother. , has become a recurring element in manganime stories that include characters (generally female) with older brothers or that present family dynamics.