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What it is and how to increase the happiness of NPCs in Terraria


What it is and how to increase the happiness of NPCs in Terraria

In Terraria you will find non-playable characters (NPCs also known as NPCs) which are not manipulated by the player. All of these NPCs may experience damage from monsters, so their health and defense levels may decrease.

You can discover everything related to these non-playable characters in the guide to NPCs in Terraria that we have prepared for you. However, here we want to help you increase the happiness of NPCs.

For the latter to be possible, it is important to first know what factors influence the happiness of your NPCs and to do this, we have prepared a guide where we will explain in detail what it is and how you can do it. If you are just starting out in the wonderful world of this video game, do not hesitate to visit our complete Terraria guide where you will find the best tips to advance successfully.

What is NPC happiness in Terraria?

NPC happiness level is a type of statistic that was recently added by the Journey's End update; It is almost invisible and depends on certain factors related to the living conditions of the non-playable characters.

This happiness scale can increase or, on the contrary, decrease according to the aforementioned factors. To know the happiness status of NPCs you must touch the happiness button that appears when talking to an NPC.

Because this statistic is variable, it influences the sales prices of certain items. This means that when NPCs sell an item with a 25% discount, it is also possible to bid on the tower that corresponds to the biome where it is located.

There are exceptions for the skeleton merchant and the traveling merchant, they are not subject to the happiness level of non-playable characters.

How Happiness NPC Works

How Happiness NPC Works

The NPC happiness level causes 2 fundamental effects, which are :

  • Influence the prices of NPC sales or stores. So the greater the happiness, the lower the prices; On the other hand, if happiness is low, there will be higher prices.
  • Increased happiness guarantees the acquisition of pylons in NPC stores.

But this is not all, since there are some traits that are specific to certain special non-playable characters. As with the prices of the creation of nurses, the monetary gain of the tax collector, and rewards of the fisherman's mission; which are also influenced by the NPC's happiness levels.

One of the most important qualities of happiness is the possibility of acquiring pylons. You should know that there is currently a pylon for each biome considered the main one (in addition to Hell) which can be purchased in the respective NPC stores of the biome.

In the case of the Glowing Mushroom, (it is also a biome but somewhat smaller than the other standards) it has its own pylon. Do you know how the pylon works in Terraria? By unlocking pylons you will be able to increase the happiness of about 2 NPCs, and by purchasing them you will have the ability to traverse the world through teleportation.

The latter means that you will be able to travel using the pylons that are placed between both pylons in their respective biomes and that are very close to a town.

Steps to increase the happiness level of NPCs in Terraria

Steps to increase the happiness level of NPCs in Terraria

Now that you know that the happiness of your NPCs is based on the biome where they are located and also on the other non-playable characters nearby or around them, you can check if the NPCs have a high or low level of happiness, that is, if they are not happy

To do this you must press the Happiness button that appears right when talking to an NPC. Each of these NPCs has unique biomes to like, dislike, love or hate. What this indicates is whether the NPC obtains a considerable amount of happiness to keep living in the biomes that he loves or likes.

On the other hand, the NPC may lose happiness if they live in a biome they find unpleasant or simply hate. The same applies to his relationships with other NPCs around him.

That is, each non-playable character presents their own NPCs that they like, dislike, love or hate. Therefore, a fenced NPC will be considered one whose home flag is within 25 blocks.

Additionally, an NPC becomes happier when there are more than 2 non-playable characters, so it is a great benefit to have NPCs that they like or love around them. Another way to increase the happiness of the NPC is to have 2 NPCs nearby, but no more than 3.

When an NPC exists within 120 blocks it is also a good way to increase the happiness levels of the NPCs. The same applies when forming small cities for NPCs that have qualities similar to their tastes and what they love.

Tips to keep your NPCS happy in Terraria

Tips to keep your NPCS happy in Terraria

It is important to prioritize the tastes of non-playable characters so that they stay happy, however maximum happiness cannot always be achieved. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure that they live in biomes that they like, satisfy their demands, and live with friendly neighbors who maintain a good level of enthusiasm. It is also important that NPCs stay away from monsters and actions or activities that cause a decrease in their happiness levels, this is what translates into feelings of disgust and hatred.

For these reasons, the Terrario Journey's End update has added a catalog known as Bestiary, which reflects and reports the happiness levels of your NPCs. In this way, you will be able to observe what their likes and dislikes are in order to implement the necessary actions to increase their happiness with the help of the pylons that are available.