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WoW: The 5 most popular addons at Curse – November 2023

 Nothing works in World of Warcraft without add-ons. We'll tell you what the most popular add-ons are and what they bring.

Interface add-ons have become an integral part of the modern World of Warcraft. These modifications not only allow the interface to be customized on a large scale but also allow information to be filtered out or displayed more clearly that would otherwise be hidden. Regardless of whether you do PvE, PvP, role-playing or trading in the auction house - addons are almost always mandatory.

Such addons are offered on many different sites, the best known of which is “Curse”, now better known as “Curseforge”. We'll show you the 5 most popular addons and tell you why you need them.

1. Details! Damage meters

Cursed by some, loved by others – but “Damage Meters” have become an integral part of the modern World of Warcraft. The tool lets you see at a glance which fellow is currently causing how much damage or carrying out how many actions.

Contrary to many prejudices, Details not only help you to show off your performance to others but also have strengths primarily in the analysis functions. Clear lists and graphs help you see where difficulties arise in a fight, how and why players died, and when corresponding skills or buffs were used.

Details is small and clear – and yet powerful.
Details is small and clear – and yet powerful.

Anyone who takes the time to look into the details! Discussions can not only improve your character's performance but also better assess your group members and increase your overall understanding of the game.

Even though there are many other alternatives, such as Recount, “Details!” has become the most widely used standard in recent years.

Download link for details! Damage Meter on Curseforge

2. Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)

For many PvE fans, DBM is seen as an absolute must-have tool because it makes getting into boss fights much easier with clear displays. If you don't have DBM or a comparable add-on (like BigWigs), you won't even be included in many groups.

There is often criticism from outsiders that add-ons like DBM are “taking over the gaming” - but that doesn't correspond to reality. DBM is a pure support tool and makes it easier to internalize and prepare for boss abilities.

Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)

First and foremost, DBM is able to display various time bars that indicate exactly when a boss uses a certain ability. This usually depends on a fixed timer and can therefore be predicted precisely.

The second function is to communicate clear announcements in order to maintain an overview. For example, if a player has forgotten what to do with a certain ability, DBM always displays a short warning. For example, “Watch the ground” when you have to avoid a negative effect or “Gather around” when you have to run to the other group members.

Download link to Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) on Curseforge

3. WeakAuras

Explaining what WeakAuras can do would probably take several books. It is one of the most powerful World of Warcraft add-ons ever.

In most cases, WeakAura performs similar tasks to boss mods but allows significantly more customization. You can display a variety of cooldown times and timers. If you want more, you can also visually highlight the receipt of special buffs or create clear warning signals if an important buff is missing in the group.

Other functions are more complex, such as having a WeakAura to aid in traversing the labyrinth in Tirna Scithe was common during Shadowlands.


In fact, there are now so many different “Weak Auras” (“WAs”) that there is an entire website just with different WAs – the selection is almost endless on

If you want to experiment with WeakAuras yourself, you should plan a lot of time for it - because the add-on is extremely extensive and complex, but allows a level of detailed customization that you won't find in other interface extensions.

Download link to WeakAuras on Curseforge

4. Auctioneer

For many it's a closed book, for others it's the "real" game in World of Warcraft - collecting gold, whether through farming or the auction house.

Auctionator lets you scan the entire auction house and then adds a price to all items in the tooltip. This way you can see at a glance what value an item in your inventory would currently fetch in the auction house.

But the tool does even more. If you are a craftsman and want to build a piece of armor, the Auctionator calculates in the crafting window what all the materials would cost in gold.


There are also more complex functions. You can create shopping lists that make it easier for you to navigate the auction house or set preferences for when and how you want to sell items in the auction house.

Download link to Auctionator on Curseforge

5. Raider.IO Mythic Plus, Raid Progress, and Recruitment

Another addon that is clearly controversial in the community and yet in many areas, it is hard to imagine life without it. This interface addon is essentially an extension of the Raider.IO website and transfers many of the functionalities into the game.

When you hover over other people in the group search or your guild list, you will immediately see useful information about that character's progress. This means you can see at a glance how many raid bosses a character has already defeated, what his or her current rating is in the “Mythic+” area, and how many successful runs in high dungeons he or she has already completed.

Raider.IO Mythic Plus, Raid Progress, and Recruitment

The addon was so popular that Blizzard has now built some of the functionality into World of Warcraft.

Especially for people who often put together raids with players from the group search, Raider.IO is a first, solid indicator to get clues about the suitability of a character.

Download link to Raider.IO Mythic Plus, Raid Progress, and Recruitment on Curseforge

How to install addons? You can install addons manually by copying the corresponding files in the WoW folder to Interface/Addons. However, it is much easier if you use an additional program for this, because then it is much easier to update all addons regularly. 

Do add-ons cost anything? The basic rule is: interface add-ons and their use are free. However, since addons are mostly developed by private individuals in their free time - and often with a lot of time - after years of use, you should perhaps think about supporting the addon developers with a small donation. You can usually find corresponding donation links on the Curse download pages.

What are your favorite addons? Without which addons would you no longer be able to play WoW?