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 This guide provides you with all the information about fishing in World of Warcraft Dragonflight with tips and tricks.

There's a lot to do in World of Warcraft Dragonflight. Be it dungeons, completing the seemingly endless series of quests, or improving the main professions. But one of the secondary professions has also received a lot of love in the latest expansion - fishing. In this guide, we want to explain to you the most important details about fishing and reveal what bonuses there are and why it is worth getting involved in the profession.

Why is fishing in Dragonflight worth it?

Is fishing boring and doesn't do anything? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Fishing offers more bonuses in Dragonflight than in any previous expansion. Here is a brief list of all the useful benefits that come with fishing:

  • Fish are ingredients in many powerful buff foods and are therefore required for many types of content.
  • Fish replace other professional materials, such as fish from lava lakes for probing or ice fish that can be left to rot to create Raging Decay and Raging Frost.
  • Fishing can yield some recipes that are not available from other sources and are highly sought after.
  • Fishing can bring reputation items for the Tuskarr of Iskaara, so you can quickly reach high levels of fame.
  • A special mount, Otto the Otter, can only be obtained by keen anglers.
  • Anglers can summon special, rare enemies.

Learn to fish in Dragonflight

In order to increase your fishing skills in Dragonflight, you must first learn the fishing skills for Dragonflight. It's not enough to know how to fish normally, you have to specifically learn the fishing skill from the latest expansion.

There are many teachers for this and you will meet the first one directly on the Coast of Awakening, at coordinates 81 / 31.

Learn to fish in Dragonflight
You will meet fishing instructors when you arrive on the Dragon Islands.

You can find more teachers in the capital Valdrakken or with the Tuskarr of Iskaara. Just ask a guard and she will give you directions.

How to skill fishing in Dragonflight?

Increasing your fishing ability works exactly the same way in Dragonflight as in the previous expansions: you simply have to fish. Cast your fishing rod, wait until the float wobbles, and then click on it to pull your catch to land.

It doesn't matter whether you're fishing from schools or simply in open water. As long as you fish on the Dragon Islands in waters that can contain fish, your fishing skills will slowly increase.

Please note, however, that increasing your fishing skills can take a while. In the beginning, every catch brings you one skill point, but later you will have to catch 10, 20, or even more fish per skill point. There is no actual hurdle for this, so you will inevitably slowly but surely get to a skill of 100.

The skill influences the probability that you will catch fish from the water and not “junk” and also increases the chance of special loot, such as coins or ominous shells.

What kind of professional equipment is there for fishing?

Even if you don't necessarily need equipment for fishing, investing in a better fishing rod can still be worth it. As soon as possible you should place a “Khaz'goritan Angler Friend” as a crafting order with an engineer and then equip this fishing rod.

The Khaz'gorite Fishing Friend not only increases your Fishing Skill by 15 points but also grants you up to 90 Perception, giving you a chance to get additional loot while fishing. Perception allows you to get more than just one when you find special things - such as copper, silver, or gold coins.

Apart from a solid fishing rod, there is no other “compulsory equipment”. However, over the years there have been numerous items that have an additional impact on your fishing skills. Tailors can make a hat that increases fishing ability, and at the fishing tournament in Stranglethorn, you can earn shoes that also grant this bonus. Jewelcrafters can also build small statues that increase the fishing skills of all nearby players for a few minutes.

Please note, however, that fishing equipment - apart from the fishing rod itself - must be worn directly on the character and therefore replaces your "real" equipment. So if you are attacked while fishing, your combat effectiveness is reduced. This can be fatal, especially in war mode.

However, all of these increases are not really necessary. If you have a solid fishing rod, that is more than enough to get the maximum benefit from the fishing profession.

The Tuskarr of Iskaara

The Tuskarr of Iskaara are one of Dragonflight's main factions and are closely linked to fishing. While you don't necessarily have to fish to earn a reputation here, many of their rewards give bonuses to the fishing profession or unlock new activities.

You can inspire the Tuskarr of Iskaara with your fishing skills - and learn a lot from them at the same time.
You can inspire the Tuskarr of Iskaara with your fishing skills - and learn a lot from them at the same time.

Here is a brief overview of all the fishing unlocks available at the different fame levels:

  • Fame Level 4: You can now see “Fishing Holes” that change weekly. There are particularly many or special fish here, as well as daily tasks. Nets can also be cast here later.
  • Fame Level 5: You can now cast nets at fishing holes and empty them after a few hours to get fish without any effort.
  • Fame Level 6: You unlock “Highland Fishing” and can now find new schools of fish in high-altitude areas. The fish can be ground by inscriptionists and grant color pigments.
  • Glory level 7: You unlock the construction of the harpoon that you need to pull Oschis ashore. These are particularly big fish with special prey.
  • Fame level 10: You unlock “Ice Fishing”. After building a special ax, you can cut holes in the ice at marked locations in the Azure Mountains. There you fish for certain fish that you can “decompose” in order to obtain Meat, Raging Frost and Raging Decay.
  • Fame Level 13: You can upgrade your nets to get more fish and reduce the waiting time to retrieve the nets.
  • Fame level 15: You unlock “Lava Fishing”. In some lava areas on the Coast of Awakening, you can now fish for special fish that can be probed by Jewelcrafters and thus grant gems.
  • Fame Level 18: You can upgrade your harpoon to land Oschis faster and more efficiently.
  • Fame Level 27: You can now see and loot Tuskarr Bait Boxes near bodies of water. They contain fish, recipes, salable scrap, ominous shells, and almost every other common item that can be obtained through fishing.

Note that for all improvements to the harpoon and fishing nets you will need various upgrade items. To do this, talk to Tavio in Iskaara (13 / 49) and hover your mouse over the items. The description of the item always states where you can find it.

Special fishing rewards

Aside from the various fish and their culinary and crafting properties, there are also a number of special rewards you can earn while fishing in Dragonflight.

Ominous shells and oshis

While fishing you will occasionally pull an “Ominous Shell” out of the water. If this is the case, don't immediately cast your line, but instead wait. Your character then “looks” for Oschis – these are particularly big fish. As soon as an Oschi appears, use your harpoon (requires Iskaara Glory 7) to pull the Oschi to land.

You can use a total of 5 Ominous Shells at the same time to summon special enemies at the fishing holes. These are often “just” elite Oschis, but there can also be special rare mobs that drop equipment or items for upgrades.

Please note that you can land Oschis together. The more players attack an Oschi with harpoons, the easier it is to get him out of the water.

Coins of the islands

It's even rarer to find various coins while fishing - copper, silver or even gold coins. These count as currency and can be exchanged at “The Great Flunk” in the Plains of Ohn'ahra (82 / 73). Here you get bags of different quality, depending on which coins you hand over.

Coins of the islands
The Big Flunk sells some bags for the coins that you can fish for.

The bags contain toys, but also resources such as elements or Darkmoon cards. It is worthwhile to only exchange coins if they are of silver quality and to exchange copper coins for silver coins instead.

For a gold coin, you get a bag that is guaranteed to contain a cool pair of toy sunglasses. You need the glasses for a puzzle mount.

Special mount for fishing fans: Otto the Otter

Passionate anglers with a lot of endurance can also earn Otto. This is an otter mount with special sunglasses.

We have now covered the most important content about fishing in Dragonflight. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.