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WoW: Earn gold in Dragonflight – It’s easy with these tips

 In WoW: Dragonflight you need a lot of gold. We reveal how you can farm gold well without resorting to complicated mechanisms.

Even though a lot has changed in World of Warcraft over the years, one detail rarely changes: Gold is important and is needed by all players. Whether it's covering repair costs after dungeons and raids, buying crafting materials, or fancy equipment - gold is necessary.

But the days of the gold rush in World of Warcraft Dragonflight are over. There is now so much competition, especially among professions, that it is difficult to earn gold.

We will therefore introduce you to the methods with which you can reliably earn gold and have a solid yield even with little investment of time.

Dragon Riding World Quests

Even if the dragon riding feature is controversial among some players, the associated world quests are a solid source of income for gold. Completing each Dragon Riding World Quest will give you a “Dragon Rider Purse”. This contains an average of 530 gold pieces.

For the reward, it doesn't matter which flight course you complete or how fast you are. You can simply choose the easiest option and take your time if hang-gliding isn't your thing.

Also, note that this tip is scalable. The more characters you have at level 70, the more often you can complete the world quests, and the more gold you will earn.

As a rule, after each world quest reset (Wednesday and Saturday) there are 4 dragon-riding world quests, so around 2,100 gold.

If you only have a little time per week and want to cover general expenses in WoW, the dragon-riding world quests are a good choice.

World quests with pure gold rewards

In addition to the dragon-riding quests, there are also other world quests that directly offer gold as a reward. Which quests this is the case for, however, is random.

The gold yield from these quests has only recently been significantly increased. You get between 300 and 800 gold pieces per world quest, although elite quests are much more generous and sometimes even yield up to 2,000 gold. These can usually be completed within a few seconds using the group finder.

A little tip: In war mode, the gold reward from these world quests is increased, so you get another 10% to 30% more gold. So activate War Mode in Valdrakken before tackling these world quests.

Keep an eye out for “gold world quests” – they bring a lot for little effort.
Keep an eye out for “gold world quests” – they bring a lot for little effort.

Weekly reputation quest

Every week in Valdrakken you can accept a quest in front of the grand staircase to the Seat of Aspects. The mission wants you to collect 3,000 reputation points and usually complete another task - either taking part in the cooking event, a wild hunt, or the siege of the citadel.

What many people overlook, however, is that there may be additional wallets in the reward box! A small (blue) wallet gives you around 1,500 gold when opened. But there is also an epic wallet and it contains between 13,000 and 16,000 gold pieces!

Since the weekly quest is usually done “on the side” anyway, you should take it every Wednesday - otherwise, you might regret it later.

Moving earth and Tuskarr bait boxes

Desired by many, but you can earn a lot of gold with gray items in WoW: Dragonflight. Two sources in particular are important for this:

Moving Earth: This earth is shown to you on the map as a small treasure chest. You can see them if you have reached at least level 5 fame in the Dragonscale Expedition and have shovels in your inventory. You can buy these directly from the Dragon Scale Expedition or from a blacksmith.

A look at the minimap reveals countless treasures.
A look at the minimap reveals countless treasures.

Tuskarr bait boxes: You unlock the Tuskarr bait boxes much later, namely at fame level 27 with the Tuskarr of Iskaara. You can then find the bait boxes at all bodies of water; they are also displayed as small treasure chests.

Both the bait boxes and the moving earth bring a lot of gray stuff and some low-yield resources. But it's the gray stuff that can be really worthwhile because the "garbage items" often have a high sales value. Between 5 and 800 gold can be in each of these little treasures.

The only downside is that these treasures quickly clog up your inventory. So make sure you have enough space before starting the farming session.

Herbology and Mining

Even if this is not the latest knowledge, it is still the truth in Dragonflight. The two “big” collecting professions, herbology and mining, are still solid sources of income for quickly earning a little gold.

What is new in Dragonflight, however, is the specialization in different areas. If you want gold as reliably as possible, then you should put 40 knowledge points into the job at the beginning so that you can also mine herbs or ores while on a mount. After that, you should focus on the elemental specializations. This allows you to increase your yields from “special” deposits of ores and herbs.

In Dragonflight, there are many herbs and ores that are imbued with the elements. For example, there are hardened ore deposits or plants touched by wind. If you mine these resources, there are additional “raging” elements. These are needed for a variety of recipes and therefore fetch a solid price on the auction house.

Methods can be combined

It is most profitable if you can combine several of the methods. If you have a character who has herbalism and mining at the same time, has enough shovels for moving earth, and can already see the Tuskarr bait boxes, then you are optimally positioned. Because then you just fly from point to point on your minimap and can open or collect something every few meters.

Just listen to a good podcast or watch a series at the same time, then the time will fly by, and at the end of the farming session, you should have a lot of gold - some of it from selling the gray items directly to the dealer, the rest later about the resource auctions.

Are there other methods?

Yes, of course. You can also farm old game content and collect raw gold or transmog items, which you then sell in the auction house. Alternatively, you can try to manipulate the auction house and take over the market for certain resources or buy materials cheaply and sell them at a higher price.

These methods can bring significantly more yield than pure “farming” - but they are very speculative or subject to a high chance factor. We therefore advise against these methods or only recommend them if you have familiarized yourself with the matter. But let's be honest - if you're already an auction house mogul, then this guide probably hasn't provided you with much new knowledge.