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WoW Puzzle Guide: This is how you get the mount Hive Mind

 World of Warcraft's Mount Hivemind is hard to get hold of. Our guide will help you get the puzzle mount Hivemind in WoW!

World of Warcraft's newest puzzle only lasted players for four days. Then they solved the mystery of the “hivemind”.

In our extensive guide, we will tell you how you can enjoy the “brain mount” yourself. However, be prepared for a lot of work.

Preparation: First of all, it should be mentioned that you need a group of five players who belong to the same faction, have reached level 50 and are in the same phase (either all in war mode or all in normal mode). However, it is recommended to have a maximum level of 70. Large parts of the puzzle can only be solved within a group!

In addition, you should have an addon installed that shows you coordinates (such as MapCoords).

Step 1: The talisman of true treasure hunting

Step 1: The talisman of true treasure hunting

First you go to Shattrath and look for the troll Gaunah (“Griftah”) in the lower levels of the city.

Buy the Talisman of True Treasure Hunting from him and equip it. Now four objects on the table behind Gaunah should light up in color.

Step 2: Collecting the Monocles

Different colored monocles are necessary for the further steps of the puzzle. These can be earned through further puzzles. The order in which the individual monocles are purchased does not matter.

However, it is enough if everyone in the group has a monocle - the main thing is that all four colors are present in the group at the end. If you want to do the “complete” puzzle, of course, get all the monocles.

Step 2-1: The red monocle

Travel to Vash'jir and continue to carry the Talisman of True Treasure Hunting. You're under time pressure for this monocle. You need to be able to pass through the area quickly, so it is necessary to have a seahorse mount. You get this right at the beginning when questing in Vash'jir.

Step 2-1: The red monocle

To get the monocle, you have to buy currencies from various sea creatures and exchange them for other currencies. Many of these currencies have a tight time limit, so haste and order is important. If you follow the steps exactly as described below, this shouldn't be a problem.

In order to buy the monocle, you need 4 different items, which you will receive in a long exchange.

Exchange 1:

  1. Go to Sir Finley Mrrgglton in the Shimmering Expanses (44 / 20) and buy 500x Seashell.
  2. Go to the Volatile Violetscale in the Abyssal Depths (38 / 77) and buy 100x Cavity-Free Great Shark Tooth.
  3. Travel to the Stargazer Manta in the Shimmering Expanses (53 / 22) and purchase 50x Razoreel Larva.
  4. We continue to Klein Walchen in the Shimmering Reaches (69 / 47) to buy 250x Well-Fed Doctor Fish.
  5. Now go to the Drab Bluefin in the Abyssal Depths (65 / 42) and buy 10x Freshly Molted Crab Skin there.
  6. Now go to Tang'thar Forest (60 / 59) to The Old Fish Breath to buy 50x Glittergill Glitter.
Exchange 2:

  • Travel back to Sir Finley Mrrgglton in the Shimmering Expanses (44 / 20) and buy 80x Seashell again .
  • Continue to the Triste Bluefin in the Abyssal Depths (65 / 42) to buy 2x Giant Giant Toenail Clipping.
  • Stay in the Abyssal Depths and swim to the Small Carp (45 / 17), and buy 4x Makrura Eye from him .
  • Still in the Abyssal Depths, go back to the Fleeting Violetscale (38 / 77) and buy 1x Accidentally-Severed Seahorse Fin.
  • Now quickly go to the shimmering expanses to buy the carmine wrath fish (53 / 88) and 3x Shiny Sea Serpent Scale.
  • Further in the Shimmering Plains go to the Stargazer Manta (53 / 22) and buy 40x Symbiotic Plankton.
  • Return to Sir Finley Mrrgglton in the Shimmering Expanses (44 / 20) and buy 5x Scintillating Murloc Skin Lotion.
Exchange 2

Exchange 3:

  • Purchased from Sir Finley Mrrgglton 300x Seashell – Shimmering Expanses (44 / 20).
  • Travel to The Old Fish Breath in Tang'thar Forest (60 / 59) and purchase 30x Vantus Black Squid Ink.
  • Now go to The Blackfish in the Abyssal Depths (15 / 82) and buy 30x Super Slick Eel Slime.
  • Continue to Fleeting Violet Scale in the Abyssal Depths (38 / 77) and buy 3x Rock-Encrusted Whelk Shell.
  • Travel to the Small Carp in the Abyssal Depths (45 / 17) and purchase 5x Potent Gastropod Gloop.
Exchange 4:

  • Buy 1500x Seashell from Sir Finley Mrrgglton in the Shimmering Expanses (44 / 20).
  • Travel to Klein Walchen in the Shimmering Expanses (69 / 47) and buy 300x Very Pretty Coral.
  • Now go to The Old Fish Breath in Tang'thar Forest (60 / 59) and grab 100x Iridescent Shimmerray Skin.
  • Take with you once again into the Shimmering Expanses to the Crimson Wrathfish (53 / 88) and 20x Luxurious Luxscale Scale.
  • Go to The Blackfish in the Abyssal Depths again (15 / 82) and buy 5x Captured Cavitation Bubble.
Exchange 4

Conclusion: Now return to Sir Finley Mrrgglton in the Shimmering Expanses (44 / 20). If you have completed all the exchanges correctly and quickly, you can now buy the red monocle from him!

Step 2-2: The yellow monocle

For the yellow monocle you have to travel to the Halls of Origin – a dungeon in Uldum in the WoW expansion “Cataclysm”. Go to the dungeon elevator and carry the Talisman of the True Treasure Hunt.

Step 2-2: The yellow monocle

In the elevator, you can click on a yellow sphere. This starts an extensive puzzle.

The goal of the puzzle is that all-star constellations in the room have the same color. You can change the colors with different refractors. Depending on the shape of the refractor, the star constellations are changed to a different color at different positions.

Anyone who already knows such puzzles shouldn't have a problem with it - everyone else will need a little patience. Since every puzzle is slightly different, there is no “step-by-step” guide for this. So you have to experiment and puzzle around.

Once you have solved the puzzle, a large box will appear in the middle of the room. When opening it, make sure that you don't accidentally click on the large refractor, otherwise, the puzzle will start again!

Step 2-2: The yellow monocle

In the box is the yellow monocle.

Step 2-3: The green monocle

Travel to Skyreach, a dungeon in the Spiers of Arak (WoW: Warlords of Draenor). Complete the dungeon and you will find a console behind the last boss. You can use this if you wear the talisman of true treasure hunting.

Step 2-3: The green monocle

Activate the console and several lights will appear. You now have to enter the correct combination on the console. The top ball is “top”, the right ball is “right” and so on.

The correct code is:

Right → Top → Bottom → Top → Right → Right → Top → Left → Bottom → Top → Left → Bottom

Now you can loot the green monocle. Another step closer to hive consciousness.

Step 2-4: The blue monocle

The blue monocle is available for a little scavenger hunt. Here you have to find a series of letters and click on them, i.e. read them. The order must be adhered to. It is also necessary that you wear the talisman of true treasure hunting.

  • The first letter is on the table behind Gaunah in Shattrath, where you bought the amulet.
  • The second letter is located in Hochberg at coordinates 57 / 27 inside a tent.
  • The third letter is in Old Karazhan (the raid dungeon). You have to complete the chess event and then climb the tower. In the stairwell, you can turn into Medivh's chamber and find the letter there on his chair.
Step 2-4: The blue monocle

  • The fourth letter is in Razortusk Hill (the dungeon). There are several bales of hay behind the boss Deathspeaker Blackthorn. The letter lies on one of the square bales.
  • You can find the fifth letter on Mount Hyjal at the Shrine of Aviana. The letter is at coordinates 44 / 47, on the top level of the shrine.
  • For the sixth letter you have to go to Northrend to the Ironwall Dam, on the border between Icecrown and Crystalsong Forest. The next letter (70 / 73 in Icecrown) is impaled on a spike at the very top of the dam .
  • The seventh letter is located in the Tonlong Steppe at coordinates 38 / 63 at a small shrine.
Conclusion: Now you travel to the Borean Tundra (North End) to the island of the blue dragons Kaltara. Fly to the top ring of the Nexus and find the blue monocle at coordinates 28 / 27!

Step 3: The Suramar Luminous Barriers

From now on, five players are required at the same time. We reiterate that you must be in a group with these players and see the same phase - either all in War Mode or none in War Mode.

The journey continues in Suramar.

Step 3: The Suramar Luminous Barriers

A player goes to coordinates 41 / 69. There, inside a house, is a room with four colored barriers. The player waits in front of the barrier.

The other four players have to split up and go to four different locations in Suramar and wear the appropriate monocle there in order to be able to attack one enemy each.

  • Red monocle: Rikei at coordinates 72 / 63.
  • Blue monocle: Blom'an at coordinates 47 / 29.
  • Green Monocle: Giluzui at coordinates 20/46.
  • Yellow monocle: Yorilan at coordinates 44 / 82.
Step 3: The Suramar Luminous Barriers

The four players must wear their matching monocle and defeat all opponents at the same time. Once the Withered reaches 1 HP, they begin channeling a spell for 6 seconds. As long as they channel the spell, player 1's corresponding barrier is activated. Access is only free if all barriers are deactivated at the same time - i.e. all four enemies drop to 1 HP at the same time.

It's best to talk to each other down to the second.

Once the barriers are gone, Player 1 must enter the room immediately before the opportunity passes.

Step 4: The Cats of Suramar

Player 1, when wearing the True Treasure Hunt Talisman, can click on a small cat toy in the room. Clicking on the toy teleports the player out of the room and deals damage to them.

Immediately check the combat log to see how much damage you have sustained. The amount of damage taken is a code that you must use in the next step. So if you took 42103 damage, then the code for your party is 42103.

This code is different for every group in WoW. You can't use the example code from this guide, but you have to pay attention to the damage you take.

Now enter the dungeon Court of the Stars together and go to coordinates 50 / 69. There you will find Lady Chaton, a cat lover.

Step 4: The Cats of Suramar

Mark the 5 cards with the following names because they are important:

  • Ms. Fluffy Bunch
  • Shadow
  • Mauntz
  • Greyfur
  • Bella
The cats mentioned can be petted. Now you have to apply the code you received previously to the cats and pet them as often as possible. Each time you pet a cat, it receives a stacking buff from Pet. The number of stacks on the cats must match your code.

Step 4: The Cats of Suramar

Example: If your code is 42103, then you have to pet the cats as follows:

  • Mrs. Fluffy Bunny: stroke her 4 times
  • Shadow: stroke twice
  • Mauntz: stroke once
  • Greyfur: Pet 0x
  • Bella: stroke 3 times
The order of the cats is as described above. The 1st digit is always for Mrs. Fluffy Bausch, the 2nd digit for Shadow, and so on.

Note: If your code (i.e. the damage previously taken) only consists of four or three digits, then this means that the first or two cats do not need to be petted. So 423 damage would be the code “00423”.

It is important that all cats have the correct number of petting stacks at any given time. As soon as this happens, the cats run away and a small void orb appears. If you are wearing the talisman of true treasure hunting, you can click on it and you will be teleported to the next puzzle.

Step 5: The Jump Puzzle

You are now in a new location with many platforms. Your goal is to traverse the room and reach the end of the room by jumping from platform to platform. However, there is a catch.

Step 5: The Jump Puzzle

When you jump, platforms disappear or new ones appear. Tactics are required so that all 5 players reach the end of the room. With this guide here, you should be able to do it.

Assigns a number from 1 to 5 to all players in the group. Then follow the steps below in the correct order. The number at the beginning of a line represents the player's number.

Click on the button below to see the exact order of the movements (warning: very long!).

The first thing every player does is enter the central platform.
1 Forward – Forward
2 Forward – Left – Forward
1 Forward
3 Forward – Forward – Right – Right
4 Forward – Left
Forward 2
Left 4
Forward 2 Left
4 Left
– Forward 2 Forward –
Left 3 Back
5 Forward – Right – Right – Right
3 forward
5 forward
1 right - forward
3 back - forward - right
1 forward - left
4 forward
2 back - forward
5 forward
2 back - forward
5 right 3 forward 1
- right 2 forward
- right
4 forward
2 left - forward
4 forward
1 Right - Forward
Left 4 Forward
3 Forward - Forward
5 Forward
Left 4 Right
5 Left
2 Forward 4
5 Forward - Forward
1 Forward
3 Left
5 Right - Forward
4 Forward
1 Right
5 Left
1 Forward
2 Forward
3 RESET (jump down )
3 Select the very left platform
3 Forward
2 Forward
3 Forward – Forward – Forward
2 Back
4 Right
5 Forward
2 Forward – Right – Forward
3 Forward – Forward – Forward

Once your entire group has arrived, the gate to the next room will open.

Step 6: The Arcane Lava

The last puzzle is coming up and is again a little brain teaser. There is a large pool of arcane lava to overcome. This is possible with the help of a flying disc that hovers above the lava. However, only a limited number of players can use the disc and only certain players can use it together.

Step 6: The Arcane Lava

The difficulty now is finding out which players can do what. This can only be found out by trying it out and it is best to keep it in writing until you have gone through all the combinations.

The puzzle is complicated and you have to try and figure out which player has which role. This is how it works:

Person A = Can use the platform in a duo with everyone or with a specific trio.
Person B = Can use the platform with Person A in a duo or with a specific trio.

The specific trio consists of player A, player B, and a random one of players C, D, or E. You have to try out these combinations and find out.

Person C, D, and E = They can all use the platform as a duo with Person A, but one of them can travel as a trio. Once you have identified this person, call them Person C.

Once you have figured out all the roles, solve the puzzle as follows:

  • A, B, and C go onto the platform and cross over.
  • C descends on the other side, and A and B come back.
  • B goes down at the start, but D goes up.
  • D and A cross and D descends at the finish.
  • A and C both go back to the start and player B goes up.
  • A, B, and C translate.
  • C dismounts at the finish, and A and B go back to the start.
  • B descends at the beginning, E ascends and continues with A.
  • E gets out at the finish, and A and C go back to the start.
  • B rises. A, B, and C cross and descend. Everyone is at their destination.

Step 7: The Hive Mind

Step 7: The Hive Mind

Now you can enter the final room. There are a total of 5 positions around the hive mind. Each player stands in one of the 5 positions and everyone clicks on the mount at the same time. A spell begins - as soon as it is completed, all players in the group receive the mount!

What did you think of this puzzle? Did you like the puzzle? Or is it way too difficult?