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XP Diablo 4 Season 2: How to optimize your leveling phase and save time?

 Season 2 of Diablo 4 has arrived, and with it excellent news since in theory, players should gain 40% additional experience during their leveling phase. But it nonetheless remains true that it is important (if you don't want to waste too much time) to have in mind a "battle plan" and activities that are more optimized than others.

A balance between overall profitability and experience optimization

The method we propose to gain levels quickly on Diablo 4 does not neglect other areas of progression such as Aspects, Glyphs, Roses of Gall, equipment, and other elements necessary to obtain an effective character in the end... In addition to being more fun than repeating the same action over and over, this method will allow you to progress in a balanced and varied way.

Leveling level 1 to 50: the steps to follow

  • Choose your class and leveling build
  • Create a seasonal character and select World Level 1 difficulty. Check the box to Skip Campaign. World Level 2 is reserved for experienced players who play in groups
  • Open the Renown management menu to collect your rewards and assign your Skill points
  • Begin the seasonal questline which likely starts in Kyovashad. Progress as much as possible to unlock new features like Vampiric Powers
  • Try to have an Elixir active as often as possible to benefit from its 20% experience bonus
A balance between overall profitability and experience optimization

Priority activities to gain levels

  • Do the Mobilization of Legions event whenever possible. They occur every 25 minutes and are incredibly profitable
  • Complete as many Whisper of the Tree-type missions as possible, especially those that take place in a Dungeon. It's a great way to accumulate rewards and experience
  • When available, do the World Bosses. They are very profitable in terms of experience and loot and appear every 3 hours or so
  • At level 15 (25 for the Necromancer), complete your class quest. Also, remember to quickly complete merchant and feature progression quests
  • Farm as much as you can in Blood Harvests, looking to complete the rest of the seasonal quests

Leveling level 50 to 100: optimization of the experience

  • Choose an Endgame build for your class
  • Prioritize Infernal Waves. They are very profitable and the only way to obtain the materials you need to optimize your equipment like Gall Roses
  • Complete Dark Favors from the Tree of Whispers to get your first Nightmare Dungeons Emblems
  • Continue doing World Bosses and some Infernal Waves in parallel
  • Around level 65, complete the second Boundary Stone Dungeon to advance the game to World Level 4
  • At level 70, optimize your character. You can craft the max rank Gems and start having ancestral items to enchant
  • Complete increasingly difficult Nightmare Dungeons until you reach level 100