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Helldivers 2: How to play with friends and other players online?

 We explain the simple steps to follow in your game of Helldivers 2 to join missions around the galaxy with your friends or with other random players. The battle awaits you!

Helldivers 2: How to play with friends and other players online?

Helldivers 2 promises to be one of the great multiplayer games of 2024, and its team has designed it specifically with collaborating with other players to crush aliens throughout the galaxy. If you have just arrived and have already passed the game's tutorial, but you are not sure how to play this title with your friends or how to join games with other random players, don't worry, we will explain it to you in this section of our guide.

How to invite friends or join friends' games?

Playing with your friends in Helldivers 2 is very simple. You just have to do the following:

  • Open the game's main menu while you are on your ship.
  • Now go to the "Social" section.
  • Here you will see your friends list.

From this section, you can see which friends are currently online and you can select the name you want to invite to your game session. You can also see here names of players you've recently played with, pending friend requests, or players you've blocked.

At the same time, you can also see your "friend code" in this section. This code is used to share with other players and vice versa, so that you and your friends can invite each other to games. In case you don't want to be the host of a game, let your friend invite you and you will join his fleet to start carrying out missions together.

If you are the squad leader, wait for the rest of the players to join your ship. Once they are on board, go to the war table and select a mission. After choosing it, go to any of the Hell capsules behind the table to choose a landing location on the planet of the operation and thus begin the mission.

How to play online with random players?

To play with other players online in Helldivers 2, you must make sure you have your game privacy set correctly. This is done as follows:

  • Open the main game menu.
  • Now go to the "Options" section.
  • In the "Gameplay" tab, look at the "Matchmaking Privacy" box.
  • You need to make sure this option is set to "Public".
  • If you have it on "Friends Only", change it and confirm the new settings.

By having your privacy set to "Public" you will be able to join other games from players around the world. The only thing you will have to do to do this is go to the war table of your ship and look for a planet and a mission.

You can choose the "Quick Match" option to have the system automatically match you with an available or ongoing mission, or you can manually select a mission in any available galaxy territory. When you select a planet and search for an operation, you can see that there are missions with a white icon and the player counter in the game (from 1 to 4). If you stand on these missions you will be able to see the time that has passed since their start and the level or name of their players. You decide if you want to join them.

Remember that if you are alone in your squad when you start a game, you can open the Stratagem list and cast a "Distress Beacon" to let other players know that you need help. This way the matchmaking system will prioritize your game in other players' searches so that you don't have to complete the mission alone. Good luck!