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No Man's Sky: Getting started in the story and basic tips to get started

The beginning of your interstellar journey in No Man's Sky is a real disaster. You are literally lost on a planet next to a crashed ship. Here are some initial tips.

No Man's Sky: Getting started in the story and basic tips to get started

As soon as you start playing No Man's Sky you will wake up after what appears to be a rough landing in which your ship has suffered serious damage and in order to escape from the planet you will have to repair it, as well as your suit if you want to survive. Eventually, you'll be able to dedicate yourself to completing the game's main story and traveling to the center of the universe, but first, you'll have to get through the first few steps. In this entry of our guide, we are going to give you some essential tips to start your game on the right foot if you don't really know what to do.

Basic tips to start the game

When you start the game you already have all the basic equipment of your suit, a ship with the most basic parts, and a functional multi-tool with which you can extract materials on the surfaces that allow it and will also serve to defend yourself from the Watchers and animals that inhabit the planet.

What can you do in the first minutes? Take note of the following details:

  • Equip the multitool and look for plants that have Carbon inside so that when you use the main shot of the multitool you extract that material.
  • Thanks to carbon you will be able to repair your suit, and recharge your weapon and you will also need it to create objects necessary to repair the ship.
  • Start by collecting Carbon to refill your weapon and then focus on repairing your suit before it breaks down completely to avoid dying.
  • Once the suit is repaired, and when you have enough Carbon to recharge the weapon, you can begin exploration to find the rest of the materials you need to repair the ship.
  • Remember that if you open your inventory and place the cursor on each element of the suit, the multitool or the ship you will be able to see the materials you need to repair or recharge it according to its conditions. You can check this at any time during the game, even no matter how far away you are from the ship, so don't worry about having to write it down.

Don't forget that in the crafting and refining section of our guide you will find information about each of the materials and where to get them throughout the game.

When you have collected the necessary materials to repair the ship, make sure you have Plutonium in your inventory to refuel the engine so you can take off from the planet.

After repairing the ship and refueling, you are free to decide if you want to continue exploring the planet on which you started on foot or in the ship, or if, on the contrary, you prefer to go into space to travel to another planet in the system in which you are. you find yourself You can even consider traveling to another system to start your way to the center of the universe, to see the final scene of No Man's Sky.

Manage personal and ship inventory

At the beginning of No Man's Sky the inventory size is small and you must learn to manage it . Here are some basic tips on this.

  • By default, our inventory will always have the most basic items and upgrades for our spacesuit and ship parts. These spaces that are occupied cannot be released.
  • The rest of the spaces in the personal inventory can be filled with any type of object.
  • It must be taken into account that materials can only be stacked 250 at a time in the same space and not 500 as in the ship's inventory.
  • The slots in each inventory are also used to add upgrades to equipment or the ship. If, for example, we add an improvement of a basic quality and also the highest level, you will see that a colored box appears around both of them, indicating that the improvements work together.
  • Keep in mind that at any time and no matter how far away you are, you can send objects from your inventory to the ship's inventory. On the other hand, to transfer objects from the ship to your inventory you will have to be close enough to it.
  • If you have a full inventory and you want to create a new object, you will need a space in which to create it, therefore you will always have to transfer something to the other inventory or destroy it to make room.
  • In the game there is no type of trunk in which to store your items, so you will have to manage it in the best possible way or sell the items you don't want as soon as you can.

Get to know the multitool

The multitool is the only weapon we have throughout the game. This main tool is used to defend ourselves from dangerous enemies and also to extract minerals from any structure that allows it.

  • All multitools have a certain number of slots in which you can add the improvements you prefer depending on how you want to focus your weapon in one way or another.
  • Keep in mind that you can only have one weapon during the game so what you are most interested in is getting a weapon with a large number of slots.
  • The multitool does not have infinite ammunition and each of its shots (normal, laser, and grenades) requires a specific type of material to reload it. Be very careful not to run out of ammunition to avoid danger.

Take advantage of the scanner

The scanner is the tool that allows us to explore the planets. It is used to detect structures of all types and also to locate flora and fauna.

It is part of the character's main inventory so if you want to improve it so that you can scan the planetary surface at a greater distance you will have to use the inventory slots. Don't hesitate to take advantage of it as you advance through the universe to discover new locations, fauna, etc....