The fact that  Amazon  is engaged in its own cloud gaming service has been known for a long time, but the announcement came only now. No unnecessary preludes - meet Luna !

Luna is a kind of streaming subscription with multiple directories called channels. Apparently, the main channel is Luna Plus, which will include over 100 games at launch, including Resident Evil 7 , Control , Panzer Dragoon , A Plague Tale: Innocence , The Surge 2 , Yooka-Laylee , GRID , Abzu and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons . The entertainment library will expand over time.

In addition,  Amazon has  partnered with Ubisoft to provide a channel for the publisher's games:

Subscribers will receive a catalog of their favorite Ubisoft games  in up to 4K resolution, mobile playability and access to new entertainment like Assassins Creed Valhalla , Far Cry 6 and Immortals Fenyx Rising on release day.

As the company notes, Ubisoft's channel is the first of many upcoming Luna channels.

In addition, Luna will receive integration with Twitch. As Google once promised with its Stadia, this will instantly launch the game that is shown on stream.

You can play the service using a mouse and keyboard or a Bluetooth controller. The latter includes the newly introduced Luna Controller for $ 49.99. He knows how to directly connect to Amazon servers and boasts support for the voice assistant Alexa.

Luna will be charged $ 5.99 per month during Early Access. For this money, you get access to the Luna Plus channel on two devices simultaneously. Some games support 4K @ 60fps. The service will run through AWS, Amazon's web platform .

Luna will initially appear on PC, Mac and Fire TV media player, as well as iPhone and iPad. The Android version is slated for release after the full launch. The international release of the service has not yet been announced, however, US residents can apply for early access today. 


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