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 The last major patch in Palworld added many new changes, including craftable items, the option to raid against the Pal Bellanoir, and collecting Ancient Cores. Today we will explain to you how you can get ancient cores. This is how you find Ancient Cores: There is currently only one way to find Ancient Cores: defeat the raid boss Bellanoir. To even achieve this, you need to be at least level 33 and do thorough preparation. What do you need Ancient Cores for? The new patch not only added Bellanoir and the Ancient Core, but also some handy items that you can craft if you have Ancient Cores. On the one hand, there is now the electric incubator, which you need to breed for Pals. You switch this to level 36 in the technology tree, which always keeps the egg you are hatching at the optimal temperature. You can also unlock the glasses of talent at level 34. This shows you the HP, attack and defense values ​​of the opposing pal in battle. This is how you get to the raid boss Bellanoir : In or


In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, the “MORS” sniper rifle came into play in Season 3 and dominates the meta lists. We'll show you strong setups with attachments for both modes. The “MORS” sniper rifle came to CoD: MW3 with Season 3 and shortly afterwards secured a place among the meta builds for multiplayer and Warzone. So that you know which attachments you can work towards, we have picked out strong setups for the MORS for multiplayer and Warzone for you. According to , the sniper rifle is currently the best choice in the Warzone category. MORS meta loadout in Warzone The MORS (Military Operated Rail Sniper) sniper rifle has a good combination of precision and damage, has high destructive power, and a relatively fast reload speed. With the right attachments, it becomes even stronger. You need these attachments in Warzone: Barrel: Ton Heavy Barrel Laser: SL Razorhawk Laser Light Stock: Icarus Light Stock Ammunition: HVP Anti-Material Slug Bolt: Quick Bolt


  An important resource in Palworld is sulfur. You need it to make gunpowder. We will explain to you where you can farm and find the raw materials. What is Sulfur: Sulfur is one of the most important raw materials in Palworld. With this, you primarily produce gunpowder, which you in turn need for your weapons. As with most resources in Palworld, the game doesn't tell you where to find sulfur. Many players therefore search the map for hours, hoping to stumble upon the resource by chance. If you have problems finding the resource in the game, the following tips might help you. Sulfur Farming – Location Where do you find sulfur? There are some places where you'll find more sulfur than others. For example, the desert biome is well suited for mining sulfur. The area is located in the north of the map. In addition to coal, Pal oil, and some other resources, you will also find a lot of sulfur here. Later in the game, you come to the volcano biome. There is Mount Obsidian there. Here y


  Anubis is considered a very strong attacker in Palworld. We'll explain to you how you can breed the Pal and get it quickly early in the game. Which Pal is it about? Anubis is one of Palworld's strongest attackers. He deals a lot of damage, especially through his area attacks, and helps to quickly decimate your opponents. But Anubis is also a Pal who is difficult to catch. It appears as a level 47 boss in the desert. As a result, it presents a real challenge, especially if you decide to fight it early in the game. What's more, the chance of capturing Anubis this way is low.  Fortunately, you can also easily breed Anubis. This way you can get it much earlier and much easier. Breed Anubis How do you breed Anubis? There are many different breeding combinations in Palworld that will ultimately give you an Anubis.  The gender of the Pals used doesn't matter, it's just important that a male and a female are combined. The following Pals are much more common in the game th

EA FC 24: The best right-backs in April – right-back talents with a lot of potential for their careers

 In this article, we will introduce you to the best talents in the RB and RAV positions in  EA FC 24 , with whom you will have a lot of fun in career mode. Due to their young age and low price, the full-backs offer enormous potential for improvement and can be an ideal addition to your team. Update, April 10: The article has been updated with new talents from the current Manager Mode database. This is what talent brings to EA FC 24 career mode:  Promising talent is essential for the success of a managerial career. That's why we show you up-and-coming players who are equipped with plenty of potential and who, through training and strong performances, will keep getting better and, ideally, can even mature into top stars. RVs and RAVs play an important role within the team structure, as they are expected to make an impact both offensively and defensively. They have to be particularly fast in order to be able to take on fast wingers, but also to initiate attacks themselves - be it thro


  Are you looking for strong cross-talent for EA FC 24 's career mode? Then we'll show you wingers with the greatest potential as well as a selection of cheaper talents. Update, April 10, 2024: We have looked at the current career mode database and updated the talents accordingly. That's why talents are so important in career mode: The best talents are important for success in the career mode of EA Sports FC 24. Here we show you young players who have a lot of potential for improvement. Through training and strong performances, you can become better and better and become real-world stars. Wingers are the players who are responsible for making quick advances on the flanks. Above all, you have to have a high speed and strong dribbling skills in order to be able to perform. They also work towards the storms and provide them with the necessary passes - or score a goal themselves. Here you will find talent for four external positions: LM – Left midfield RM – Right midfield LF –

How Cristiano Ronaldo's most legendary goal celebrations, ''SIUUU'' and ''Calma'', are done in EA FC 24

  Do you want to imitate CR7's most legendary celebrations in EA Sports FC 24? Well, don't worry, because in this guide we explain how to do them in each version. Today the first matches of the Champions League quarterfinals are being played. Come on, we are in the decisive stretch of the 2023-2024 world football season, and you surely want to recreate the best matches in EA Sports FC 24. EA's football simulator is experiencing its second half of the season, before heading to services such as PS Plus or Game Pass Ultimate (as part of EA Play), like previous installments. In fact, many are already wondering when EA FC 25, the next installment of the Electronic Arts sports saga, will be announced. For now, there are still things to do in the current delivery. For example, do you know how to do all the goal celebrations? It's one of the most fun things EA Sports FC 24 includes, especially when it comes to poking a friend. The game also incorporates iconic celebrations of e