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ANNO: Mutationem - 3 minutes of cyberpunk semi-3D action gameplay

 During the presentation of the China Hero Project, publisher Lightning Games and developers from ThinkingStars showcased a new video about their 2D action game ANNO: Mutationem . The new video consists of 3 minutes of gameplay, during which we were shown the location of "Avenue Asazami", the GROOM system and some action. You can familiarize yourself with everything mentioned below.

The neon cyberpunk 2D and 3D world of ANNO: Mutationem welcomes you! In this crazy RPG world, you have to play as Ann, a skilled lone soldier. The game takes place in a gigantic metropolis where you have to confront greedy monsters, mysterious marginal groups and malevolent megacorporations.

 ANNO: Mutationem is slated for release in December 2020 for PlayStation 4 and early 2021 for PC via Steam.