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SpellForce 3 - "Fallen God" Expansion Gets Official Release Date

 Back in the first days of the summer, it became known that the developers from the Grimlore Games studio, with the support of THQ Nordic, are working on a new, second in a row, an independent addition to the strategy with RPG elements SpellForce 3 .

Now, almost four months after the announcement, the creators are ready to announce the exact release date of this stand-alone extension, dubbed "Fallen God". According to the team, the release is scheduled for November and will take place at the very beginning of the specified month - the 3rd day.

The DLC tells the story of nomadic trolls who, led by a young chieftain named Akrog, want to resurrect a fallen god in order to get a chance to save their tribe. What will come of this, users will be able to learn during the fifteen-hour storyline.