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Anno 1800 - Land of Lions DLC released

The developers of the economic strategy Anno 1800 , represented by the studio Blue Byte and the Ubisoft company, announced the release of the sixth story addition, called "Land of Lions", and published its release trailer.

Land of Lions brings an entirely new region to the world of Anno 1800, inviting players to discover Enbesa, inspired by East Africa in all its glory. Arid weather brings an entirely new element to the gameplay - an irrigation system that will help players tame the unforgiving landscape of Enbes, along with a new research center that will encourage players to seek and create technologies and items or make important discoveries to help achieve their goals.

Anno 1800 is available digitally from the Ubisoft Store and Epic Games Store for Windows PCs. Land of Lions can be purchased as part of Season 2 Pass for Anno 1800 for $ 24.99 or separately for $ 17.99.