How to become invisible in Among Us. Youtuber spoke about the new glitch


How to become invisible in Among Us

Online games are hit hardest by cheats and other vulnerabilities, and Among Us is no exception. Over the weekend, the author of the YouTube channel A+Start posted a video with a selection of bugs, thanks to one of which the player can become invisible, playing as a traitor.

For the bug to work, the "imposter" needs to get into the ventilation as soon as other participants find the body or call a meeting - the youtuber talks about this at 1:12. With the right timing, you should become invisible. The bug stops working after the traitor kills someone.

It is likely that this issue will be fixed in the next update. Until then, you shouldn't be surprised if you see something like this during a match.

Earlier, Among Us faced an "attack" by hooligans who called for voting for Trump in the upcoming elections.

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