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how to install Minecraft mods?

install minecraft mods

Hello, today in this guide we will tell you in an accessible language how you can easily install mods on the Minecraft launcher. Before installing the mod itself, you must choose which version for the game you will use. To play with mods, it is advisable not to take the latest version of Minecraft, very often there are no mods for such, perhaps they are currently under development and are not ready for a full-fledged game today. Thanks to this, Minecraft with such modifications will crash and freeze from time to time. After choosing the appropriate version, you need to download it in the launcher and try to launch it. This launch will generate the necessary files for the correct operation of the Minecraft launcher.

Variety of mods

Mods for Minecraft are very different, from the most primitive to the more advanced. They can be installed both on Android and on the PC version of the game. The mod you want to install depends on your interests and hobbies. Here are some of them:

  • Mo'Creatures. This modification adds a large number of monsters and animals to Minecraft. For example, scorpions, mammoths, wild boars and others. Some mobs can be tamed and used as mounts.
  • Biomes O 'Plenty. This mod will add new types of biomes to your game. You will get the opportunity to visit bamboo forest, mangroves, ice areas, steppes and other equally interesting biomes. With this mod, the Minecraft game world becomes much more fun.
  • JourneyMap. If you install the JourneyMap mod, then you will have a mini-map, where all the details of the territories nearby, mobs and players will be displayed in real time. There is a switching function, if you press the J key, you can switch modes: a mini-map of the current location, and the whole world map, it takes up the entire screen.
  • BuildCraft. With the help of this mod, you will have the opportunity to use completely new mechanisms, such as: engines, drilling rigs and workbenches. This equipment can be used to extract resources and craft items. Even in this fashion, we will be given the opportunity to use special pipes through which liquid, objects and energy will move.

Thus, you can install one or more mods on your launcher and enjoy the game to your heart's content, installation will not be difficult for you. There are also mods that add cars, weapons, military equipment, aircraft, etc. to the game. You can find these in open sources on the Internet.

 How to download mods for Minecraft

You can download mods for the PC version or for Android on any web resource related to Minecraft. For example, here:

We go to the site, select the mod you like, click the "Download" button, as shown in the pictures below. We remember where the mod was downloaded.

download mods for Minecraft screenshot

download mods for Minecraft screenshot 2

How to install mods for Minecraft

Before installing the mod itself, you need to choose which version you want to install. To play with mods consistently, it is advisable not to install the latest version of Minecraft, very often there are no mods for it or they have not been updated yet, so they are not suitable for the game. Due to such modifications, Minecraft will often crash and crash. Installation of Minecraft mods is carried out on both PC and Android, that is, Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE). What is the difference between installing the PC version and the Android version below.

How to install mods on a PC

  • STEP # 1  - Download the Minecraft launcher. Install Minecraft Java Edition. This version of the game supports the largest number of mods. This is licensed Minecraft, you can buy it on the developers' website for $ 24.78. Or, if you do not have the opportunity to buy, our launcher called "BroLauncher" will help you, you can download it here .
  • STEP # 2  - Download Java if needed. You can download it here:
  • STEP # 3  - Installing Forge Version Pirate launchers like BroLauncher have a pre-built Forge. If you have this particular launcher, you just need to find a section called "Forge (game version)". For the mods to work, you need to download the Forge version to your computer, it must match the version of the mod you are installing. When choosing a specific modification, study the installation instructions in detail, usually it is on its page, and be sure to check that this mod is made for the version of the game you need.
  • STEP # 4  - Installing the Mod After we have installed Forge, it is important to move the mod itself into a dedicated directory. To do this, go to the following folder C: \ Users \ YOUR NAME \ AppData \ Roaming \ .minecraft \ mods and drag our mod there.
  • STEP # 5  - Start Minecraft with the mods installed In the launcher, click the version control button → find your Forge and click the "Play" button. If everything was done correctly, Minecraft will start with the mods installed. After entering the game, you need to select the "Mods" section in the main menu and choose your own. Then, go to play on the server.

install mods on a PC screenshot

How to install mods for minecraft PE (iOS and Android)

  • STEP # 1  - Install the official version of the game on Android or iOS. You can download it from the Play store or App store. 
  • STEP # 2  - Download a free application from the Internet called "Addons for Minecraft". After installation, run it
  • STEP # 3  - Select any modification from the catalog and click on the "Download" button. After downloading, the application will automatically launch the Minecraft game
  • STEP # 4  - Perhaps the program will not open the game, but will offer to choose an application to work with the mod, just click on the Minecraft icon in the list
  • STEP # 5  - Create a clean world with any name Before starting, you need to go to the "Resource Sets" and "Parameter Sets" sections and include there all the elements that the installed mod adds.
  • STEP # 6 - Go to any server and try using your installed mod
If you did everything correctly, then after entering the game you will have new blocks, items and mobs that were added by the installed mod. If this does not happen, then review the step-by-step installation again. We hope our gudie helped you install the mod for Minecraft without any difficulties.