Brawl Stars, Lou: How to play the new brawler? Tips

Brawl Stars, Lou: How to play the new brawler? Tips

That's it, the holiday season is upon us and Supercell , the makers of Brawl Stars have prepared a nice update for us to celebrate the new season of the Brawl Pass. The new season has just arrived and Lou, the new chromatic brawler is finally available! What is it worth? What are all its specificities? How to play with him and how to counter him? All of the above and more in our complete guide to learning how to play Lou !


Like every brawler, Lou was treated to a full analysis of her stats and mechanics, along with a list of tips and tricks on how to play her in our brawler guide . You will find there:

  • All his stats , a comparison with other brawlers and what that entails.
  • An analysis of its mechanics, its Super and its Star Power as well as some advice concerning them.
  • A long list of little-known tips to optimize the way you play Lou and ways to counter her.
  • The list of modes that we recommend with this character and why we recommend them to you.

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