Buy and upgrade heirlooms in WoW - this is how it works up to level 50

Heirlooms make your way to maximum level in World of Warcraft easier. They can also do you good service with the current expansion Shadowlands - because they rise with your level and even give bonuses. We explains how you can get heirlooms, upgrade them to 50 and use them correctly.

Heirlooms - equipment for twinks:  Heirlooms are items in WoW that you can use to make the level phase easier for secondary characters (twinks). There are heirlooms for every class and specialization.

Since the leveling was completely redesigned with the new Shadowlands expansion , the heirlooms now also have new effects. Our editor tells you where to get them and how to use the new heirlooms properly.

Leveling up faster in WoW: Heirlooms for strong bonuses

Heirlooms can accompany your twinks from level 1 to the maximum level. To do this, however, you first have to invest a lot in the armor and weapons - because you first have to upgrade them so that they level up continuously with you.

These are the set bonuses:

  • 2 parts: recovery is consumed 30% slower
  • 3 parts: Increases the regeneration in the outside world, in normal dungeons and battlefields when you are not in combat
  • 5 pieces: When you reach a new level, you inflict damage to nearby enemies and gain 40% of your main attribute for 2 minutes. Killing enemies extends this bonus by up to an additional 2 minutes
  • 6 parts: Recovery is consumed another 30% more slowly

You get recreation in towns and inns and it increases your ancient experience for killing enemies. It is used up to a maximum value. You can benefit longer from wearing heirlooms.

Heirlooms up to 50: upgrade and costs

Newly purchased heirlooms reach their maximum at level 30 or 29 - from here on they no longer level with your character. In order for them to serve you well up to level 50, you have to upgrade them. Note that they stop growing with you one step below the respective level. So the levels for the items end at 29, 34, etc.

Heirlooms can be upgraded up to three times. You can get the items to upgrade at:

  • Krom Starkarm in the Hall of Researchers in Iron Forge (Alliance)
  • or Estelle Gendry in the Rogues' Quarter in Undercity or in Orgrimmar (Horde).

The Location of estelle gendry in orgrimmar.

Here you can find the heirloom dealer of the horde,  Estelle gendry in undercity.

Here you can find the heirloom dealer of alliance, Krom Stoutarm in inronforge

Upgrading heirlooms costs you a lot of money - significantly more than just buying the heirlooms, even if the amount has been significantly reduced after much criticism . If you want to upgrade the heirlooms, you pay:

  • for a piece of armor of 30-50 8500 gold pieces.
  • for a weapon of 30-50 12,750 gold pieces.
  • for a set of 5 pieces of armor and a weapon 55,250 gold pieces.

Upgrade heirlooms to level 35

Heirlooms of any kind can be brought from level 30 to 35 without preparation. As soon as you exceed level 30 with the character, the items level again and become stronger until you reach level 35. You will need one of these items for every heirloom that you want to level up.

  • Armor protection for ancient heirlooms: 500 gold pieces, upgrades armor, off-hand items, rings, necklaces and pieces of jewelry.
  • Weapon scabbard for ancient heirlooms: 750 gold pieces, upgrades weapons.

Upgrade heirlooms up to level 40

In order to have heirlooms level up to level 40, you must have upgraded them to level 35 beforehand, so you must have already invested in armor protection or a scabbard for ancient heirlooms and applied them to the corresponding heirloom.

  • Armor protection for weathered heirlooms: 1000 gold, upgrades armor, off-hand items, rings, necklaces and jewelry.
  • Weapon sheath for weathered heirlooms: 1500 gold pieces, upgrades weapons.

Upgrade heirlooms to level 45

Here, too, the following applies: your heirlooms must first be upgraded to level 40 in order for the upgrades to work up to level 45.

  • Armor protection for worn heirlooms: 2000 gold pieces, upgrades armor, off-hand items, rings, necklaces and pieces of jewelry.
  • Weapon scabbard for worn heirlooms: 3000 gold pieces, upgrades weapons.

Upgrade heirlooms to level 50

In preparation for leveling in Shadowlands, you can upgrade your heirlooms to reach level 50 - them. The heirlooms must have been upgraded to level 45 beforehand.

  • Armor protection for battle-proven heirlooms: 5000 gold pieces, upgrades armor, off-hand items, rings, necklaces and pieces of jewelry.
  • Weapon scabbard for battle-proven heirlooms: 7500 gold pieces, upgrades weapons.

You can also buy items to upgrade heirlooms for other currencies from certain events - for example for time-warped badges for time wanderings. Again, we recommend that you only do this if you already have enough of the currency to spare.

Everything prepared? Then let's level!

This is how you can buy heirlooms

You can get heirlooms from different sources and for different currencies:

  • for winning tickets of the dark moon fair at Daenrand Lichtkranz on the dark moon island
  • for Seal of the Champion from Dame Evniki Kapsalis at the Argent Tournament (requires Exalted status with each race of your faction and the Argent Crusade, as well as the achievements to be champion)
  • for badges of honor at the honor dealers of your faction in the Orgrimmar, Stormwind or Wintergrasp
  • for service medals at dealerships in Boralus and Dazar'alor
  • for gold at guild and heirloom dealers
  • some heirlooms are also offered by the merchants of the combat guild
We only recommend the first three options if you happen to have a lot of the currencies you need anyway - farming them takes too long. We therefore limit ourselves in the guide to the option of buying heirlooms with gold.

Heirlooms at the guild vendor: parts and costs

  • Headboard: 500 gold pieces, friendly reputation with the guild
  • Cape: 500 gold pieces, friendly reputation with the guild
  • Pants: 500 gold pieces, benevolent reputation with the guild and guild success "Even better teamwork"
For the heirlooms from the guild trader you need reputation, which you can earn with any character via quests or PvE and PvP in groups with other guild members. So it is best to buy the equipment with a character who already has the reputation and has been in a guild for a long time - ideally in a guild that has already achieved the required level of success.

You can find the guild vendors in the cities of your faction and in Shattrath. Just ask a guard where he is and you will get a marker on the map.

Heirlooms at the heirloom dealer: parts and costs

  • Shoulders: 500 gold pieces
  • Chest: 500 gold pieces
  • Weapons and shields: Between 500 and 750 gold pieces
You can get the items from your faction's heirloom dealer, Krom Stout Arm in Iron Forge or Estelle Gendry in Undercity. After the Battle of the Undercity , Estelle can also be found in Orgrimmar.

You don't need reputation or achievements to purchase these heirlooms. You can just buy them and have them right in your collection. You can find the locations of both dealers in the gallery above.

Heirloom rings for even more XP

There are also different rings that are also part of the set bonuses and that rise with you in the level:

  • Dread pirate ring: available every Sunday through the fishing competition in Stranglethorn.
  • Admiral Taylor's Loyalty Ring: Agility Ring, available through the rare naval mission "The Bank Always Wins" in your garrison shipyard on Draenor.
  • Captain Sander's Lost Ribbon: Strength Ring, available through the rare Naval Mission "Full of Hatred" in the shipyard of your garrison on Draenor.
  • Third Fleet Signet: Intelligence Ring, available through the rare naval mission "Lady of the Sea" in the shipyard of your garrison on Draenor.
You can wear any of the rings from the garrison together with the Dread Pirate Ring. However, they cannot be combined with one another.

Jewelry and weapons - fine, but optional

If you have enough gold left over and equip your twink in the best possible and comfortable way or just want to complete the collection, you can also get appropriate weapons and jewelry. However, these only serve the purpose that you always have more or less optimal equipment.

You don't need the weapons and trinkets to level effectively. Since the loot from dungeons is on average above the item level of the heirlooms anyway, you can also fill weapon and jewelry slots with such items.

However, you will receive a mount that you can use at level 1 if you have collected 35 heirlooms.

What are heirlooms for?

The main reason heirlooms are, in principle, the "best" equipment for twinks is because of the set bonuses they give you.

Heirlooms also adapt to your level. They are always almost the best items for your current level. Since an adjustment, items that you get from dungeons are a few item levels better on the way to the maximum level, but the set bonus is extremely useful. And you don't have to exchange them.

Have you completed the level phase or are you just about to arrive in the Shadowlands and find your way around there? Then you will soon encounter the Pacts, the new core feature of Shadowlands.

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