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How to install Half-Life 2 on Android (no root)


How to install Half-Life 2 and Portal on Android (no root)

Since the release Half-Life 2 has passed 16 years, and modders and enthusiasts never cease to amaze the gaming community with new crafts based on one of the best games on the planet. For example, quite recently a programmer under the nickname Nillerusr was able to port Half-Life 2 for smartphones running the Android operating system . The game consistently produces 30 fps on budget models and 60 fps on top ones.

In this guide, we will tell you: how to install the legendary Half-Life 2 on Android smartphones.

You don't need root rights to install .

Where can I download the necessary files for Half-Life 2 on Android?

1. First of all, download APK files with already ported versions: Half-Life 2.

2. Next, download the first two files from Nvidia servers:

Half-Life 2 - 510.5 MB

main * * - 1.7 GB

How do I install Half-Life 2 on Android?

  • Create a folder in the file system or memory card named Srceng .
  • Unpack the "main" and "patch" archives . Copy them to the Srceng folder .
  • Run the game as a normal application.
In the near future, the enthusiast plans to modify his port to a stable version and fix all glitches and bugs. When Half-Life 2 is stable on Android devices, Nillerusr will bring Episode One and Episode Two.