How to recover your Roblox account

How to recover your Roblox account

The success that Roblox has had since its launch in 2014 has been indescribable. And it is that its functions and characteristics have greatly fostered the growth of the video game.

Every day that passes, thousands of users register on the platform and begin to enjoy its multiple universes, making it one of the favorites in the early days of every gamer.

It should be noted that most of the users are under 18 years of age , and among so many titles that a young person can play, it is possible to forget their passwords or lose the support to log in to your accounts.

For this reason, if you belong to the small percentage of players who registered on the platform some time ago, you lost your password and now you want to recover your old Roblox account , do not be alarmed. In this post you will learn the correct way to do it, step by step.

Steps to recover your Roblox account if you forgot your password

Recovering your login data to a Roblox account is easy as long as it has not been deleted, either for violating community rules or inactivity for more than a year.

If, on the other hand, you only forgot your access codes , this is what you should do:

  • Enter the official Roblox page .
  • It will then show a creation form for a new account.
  • At the top right of the screen, click on "Login".
  • It will ask for the credentials to log in, click on the option "Have you forgotten your password or username?".
  • Three options will be available: "Recover with password", "Recover with username", "Use phone number to reset password". At this point, for the first two options, it will be necessary to have the email you used the first time available.
  • Write the email or user depending on the case, then click "Send". It will display a message saying that " A message with your username or password has been sent to your email... " and "OK"
  • Finally, access your email and locate the message received from Roblox. If you don't see it in your inbox, check your SPAM inbox.
  • Click on the message and depending on the option you have chosen, you will receive the correct username or password to enter the system again. With these steps it is possible to successfully regain access to your Roblox account.

How to reset your Roblox account using phone number

As you will see, it is possible to reset the access data to the Roblox system with the mobile device. For this, it is essential that you have verified your phone number when creating your account..

  • Enter the official Roblox page.
  • It will show a creation form for a new account. Click on "Login" .
  • It will ask for the credentials to log in, click on the option "Have you forgotten your password or username?" .
  • In the account recovery section, click on "Use phone number to reset password . "
  • Followed by this, choose the country + code where you are, then write the phone number to receive the message.
  • The system will need to verify that you are not a bot, for this resolve the CAPTCHA and wait a few seconds.
  • Finally, write the 6-digit code that you received on your mobile and click on «Verify» , if you have not received the text message yet, click on the option «Resend code».
  • After the verification of the mobile phone, the system will show the option to reset password and that's it.

If for some reason it was impossible to verify your phone number, and you also don't have access to email, the only thing left to do is create a new account and start from scratch.

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