How to Remove Lag on Roblox

How to Remove Lag on Roblox

The Lag in online games is the worst enemy of all , especially if you are in a game of Roblox . And despite the fact that a fast connection is not so relevant on some servers, there are other maps where it is vitally important to have the least amount of latency possible , especially if they are fight scenarios, races, some Battle Royale, among others.

Therefore, in this post you will learn how to remove the Lag in Roblox and thus be able to enjoy all the games calmly.

What is lag and why does it occur on Roblox?

Lag is simply a delay that occurs when requesting some information from your computer to the video game server, in this case to the Roblox servers.

These delays result in a freeze within the game , momentary jumps, or the lack of response of your avatar to the action of certain commands.

This type of problem occurs due to different factors, perhaps the video game servers are saturated , the computer you use is quite old or simply does not meet the minimum requirements of the game , failures with the Internet connection or more.

How to eliminate lag from Roblox?

Eliminating lag in online video games is something that every gamer would like to do; however, it is quite difficult to do it, since different factors influence. Fortunately, by following these tips, you can achieve a noticeable improvement during Roblox games .

Hire a better internet service

Without a doubt, the most significant problem in online games is the lack of optimal internet service. Therefore, to start playing with friends it is recommended to have a download speed of at least 5MB . So to eliminate any type of lag during Roblox games , it is best to increase the Internet plan.

Limit bandwidth

If for some reason you cannot increase the Internet speed, the alternative you have is to limit the bandwidth of your connection , both wired and wireless.

This is basically done in order not to suffer any type of lag during the game , since if you are connected to a network where there are many connections, it will saturate the bandwidth, especially if you are consuming streaming content or downloading files.

Decrease the resolution of games

This online multiplayer is characterized by not demanding graphics for most computers and mobiles , but one of the most effective ways to eliminate lag in Roblox is by reducing the graphics, so you will get much more FPS and the lag will be much lower.

To decrease the graphics , follow these steps shown below:

  • Log in to Roblox and enter your preferred map.
  • When starting the game, press the ESC key , which will display different options.
  • Click on the "Settings" option .
  • In the option «Graphics mode» , click on the arrow to place it in manual.
  • Finally, in the option «Graphic quality» reduce it to the minimum and press the «ESC» key to save the changes.

Close programs that you are not using

As mentioned above, when you are downloading a file this will significantly influence an online game . Therefore, before starting a game on Roblox , make sure you do not have any open download program such as uTorrent , or any streaming platform, be it YouTube , Netflix , Twitch , among others.

Move the router around

Another reliable method to eliminate the definitive lag in Roblox is by moving the router around, since it is most likely that the device is very far from your computer and this situation greatly affects the Internet connection.

To solve, the best thing you can do is place the router as close as possible to your computer / mobile or buy a WiFi signal amplifier.

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