How to watch all CoD Black Ops Cold War endings

We explain the steps you must follow to be able to see the 3 different endings that the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War campaign has. It will depend on the choices you have made.

The main campaign of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is fraught with intrigue and conspiracies between the camp of the United States and the Soviet Union. Interestingly, the game allows us to make several important decisions throughout the missions and these trigger the events towards one end or another of the story. In total there are 3 different endings (one of them could be considered secret). If you want to know what to do to see each of them , we will tell you about it below our guide.

Warning: keep in mind that, obviously, we are going to gut parts of the story below. You are warned about spoilers.

How to watch all CoD Black Ops Cold War endings

How to see the good ending

The good ending is one that directly benefits the US side and Adler's team. Regardless of some of the decisions you've made during the campaign, this ending is triggered during Adler's interrogation after the mission To the Other Side.

When the operator asks you for the whereabouts of Perseus you will have a couple of dialogue options to answer him. You can tell the truth or lie to him.

  • In this case you have to answer Adler with the truth: you must choose the dialogue option that confesses that Perseus is in the Solovetsky monastery, in Russia.

By telling the truth to Adler you will activate the final mission titled Final Countdown. This is the "good" ending, to call it that. With this mission you will be able to stop the Green Light nuclear bombs in time , stopping the Soviet Union's feet. After the final scenes there will still be a final sequence. Adler will lead Bell to a cliff and sacrifice him , confessing that he was only a pawn in this entire conflict.

How to see the bad ending

In order to see the bad ending, we must stop again at the key moment of the campaign, when Adler interrogates Bell after the mission To the other side. This time, if we want to betray the US side, we will have to lie to Adler about the whereabouts of Perseus.

  • In this case you have to answer Adler with the lie: you must choose the dialogue option that says that Perseus is in Duga, in the Soviet Republic of Ukraine.
By lying to Adler you will end up going to Ukraine and the Ashes to Ashes mission will be activated. Upon arriving at the location the Americans will realize that there is no one there. It was just a distraction so the Russians could activate the nuclear bombs. As Bell betrayed them, he will find death right there, however, the Soviets will have won because the bombs will be dropped .

How to see the bad ending (secret)

There is a second bad and alternative ending , which we could classify as a secret ending since this is more difficult to achieve. To obtain it you have to lie to Adler at the critical moment of the interrogation of Bell, after the mission To the other side. However, it is not worth just lying to him, since we will have to have done an extra action previously.

We mean that during our visits to the CIA Vault throughout the campaign we will have to have opened a locked door in the vault . This door has a code , but we have already shown you what it is in another article in our guide. So this is the sequence of events you must follow to see this secret bad ending:

  • You must open the locked door of the shelter: during one of the visits to it in the campaign.
  • When it's your turn: tell the truth or lie to Adler about Perseus' whereabouts, choose to lie to him (Duga's option).
  • After lying to him: you will have a few seconds to radio the Soviets and prepare an ambush in Duga.
  • Go quickly: to the part of the shelter where the locked door you opened earlier is. Go through it and interact with the radio.

Having done this correctly, when you arrive in Ukraine in the Ashes to Ashes mission with Adler's team, they will suspect that you have lied to them and then you can confirm it with a special line of dialogue that will start the ambush of the Russians.

This will trigger you to face Adler and his team with your Russian comrades. You will then have to hunt down those who were your American companions one by one until you finally end Adler's life inside a building. In addition, they will give you the opportunity to be the one who activates the nuclear bombs.

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