Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales: Act 16: The Battle for Harlem Walkthrough

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales: Act 16: The Battle for Harlem Walkthrough

This Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Walkthrough article on PS4 and PS5 accompanies you through the main mission “The Battle for Harlem” by showing you the steps to follow, the fights to be fought and the puzzles to be solved so that you can complete the game 100% safely.


The time for the final battle has finally come! It's a giant free-for-all involving Spider-Man, Roxxon, and the Underground . You will gradually see new yellow areas appear on your mini-map. Each of these areas must be emptied of the enemies it contains. The very first is a warm-up in a park, it's pretty quiet as long as you spot your opponents through the fog thanks to R3 . Take the opportunity to fully charge your bio-electricity bar, it can always be used. That being said, be careful when exiting the park , the road you come on is crawling with enemies!

We have developed an extremely effective strategy to succeed in this mission quickly and well. Start by climbing on the roofs of buildings. It is the haunt of snipers and other relatively isolated but dangerous opponents from a distance. Clear the roofs one by one , then, as soon as you have all your bio-electricity bars, jump to the street in the middle of as many enemies as possible and press L1 + TRIANGLE CIRCLE. This might be the one time in the entire game where the satisfying Mega Dump pays off so make the most of it!


Phase 1

If you know how to time your dodges with it CIRCLE (spam the key at worst), this is by far the simplest boss in the game. Phin uses a wide variety of attacks, but all of them are very easy to avoid. Dodge in a loop and use your bio-electricity at any available bar . You only have three words to remember, in that order: dodge, paralysis, then combo . And we start again.

Phase 2

In phase 2, Tinkerer mainly attacks you from a distance. Play her game and stay away from her to best predict her attacks which all have a certain load time. Here again, by chaining dodges and then electrified mandals, you can easily win without taking even one hit. Be patient, it's a fight much longer than complicated.


We'll let you check out the end cutscene and game credits. And don't forget, like any good Marvel, there are post-credits scenes! 

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