Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales: We’ve Got a Lead Walkthrough

Follow this part of the Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales guide for PS4 and PS5 to find out where to find, how to unlock and especially how to complete the side mission “We’ve Got a Lead”.

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales: We’ve Got a Lead Walkthrough

Once you have reached the meeting point indicated on the map by a small blue triangle , it is your graphic artist friend who puts you on the trail of the goods dispatch center ! After a little exchange with her, go straight there without asking for your rest.

The dispatch center is armed with guards. It is quite possible to rush into the heap like a buffalo, but we recommend that you go methodically instead. In short, use Camouflage, isolate your opponents, and take out the snipers as quickly as possible. It's up to you !

Once all these beautiful people have been shot, you have to go to the closed gate at the back of the yard. To open it, stand a few meters away, use L1 + R1 on the pulley then block the mechanism with a web-thrower (R1).

The gate leads to a funny garage. Inside, press R3 and you will discover a hidden elevator leading directly to the gang leader's office. Nothing too complicated, interact with all the elements highlighted in yellow until you access the computer that Ganke can access.

This little passage in the expedition center does not mark the end of the mission, however! The information contained in the computer tells you that all your targets are gathered in a small park. What joy. The map is big enough to put you in a corner and slaughter one by one all the bandits who come to impale you. Have fun !

It is with this joyous massacre that this mission and the saga of the Harlem robbers ends. Spidey has gained a new admirer as well as a new outfit ! Remember to use your skill points as well as your activity tokens!

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