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Players criticize Uplay + for double debit and cancellation

Players criticize Uplay + for double debit and cancellation

The Uplay + subscription service, which will change its name to Ubisoft + on November 10, has come under fire from the gaming community. A subscription from Ubisoft for $14.99 USD a month not only provides access to the entire library of games from the publisher, but also includes all new releases with extended editions. The recently released Watch Dogs: Legion and the upcoming release of Assassin's Creed: Valhalla have seriously spurred gamers to buy a subscription, but they had to face problems.

Players have noticed a very strange subscription payment process. When you purchase Uplay +, $14.99 USD will be debited from your card as a confirmation of the transaction, after which an additional $14.99 USD will be withdrawn for the subscription itself. According to Ubisoft support representatives, the first amount will definitely be returned to the players, but the speed of the return will depend on the banks.

Not only did users angered by the purchase process itself, some players also paid and still could not subscribe. If your account had less than $25.00 USD, an error message appeared, due to which it was impossible to make a payment. The players were still charged $14.99 USD, but they did not issue a subscription. The company promises to return the additionally debited money within a few days, if this does not happen, it is recommended to contact technical support.