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Teardown Review-Destructible Open World?


Teardown Review

Why does a game weighing 1 GB on hard drive get rave reviews from the public, but at the same time requires a video card not lower than GeForce GTX 1060 ? It's all about advanced destructibility and a general physical model, implemented by Tuxedo Labs not in another chamber room, but within the framework of the open world concept.

It's important to note that this Teardown review is being written for the Early Access version on Steam , and the final release is going to be way cooler. But even now there is something to enjoy here. The main feature, previously characteristic only for games of the Bad Company 2 level (and in the worst form), is the ability to deform every element of the landscape. Literally!

As part of Early Access, we have only one chapter of the story available, and the rest will be gradually added in the future. For an indie game, the picture is really nice, but it's not recommended to run the project on a weaker graphics accelerator.

Teardown screenshot

Teardown review - is it worth playing?

Are the tasks monotonous? No, there is enough to keep yourself occupied, new conditions are constantly being thrown up. In one mission, we are rushing by car to a cliff and dashingly burst into a pile of obstacles. In another, we use new tools to organize a tunnel or undermine another barricade. The cubic component stops annoying after just 10 minutes.

How do you like the idea of ​​crushing a huge yacht while admiring the spectacular water surface and the ray traced lighting? Or the destruction of the boss hovering in the sky (yes, it's a helicopter), capable of covering you with an avalanche of missiles? Literally every attribute is amazing and catchy due to the thoroughness of the elaboration.

Teardown Review Screenshot

Will we see a similar implementation of physics in video games on Next Gen ? It is debatable, but the gaming industry will be able to come close to something like this in the titles of the future. Deliciously flying brick fragments, RTX light (if the card supports it), highly detailed environmental elements - all this is very impressive!

In the future, multiplayer will be implemented and additional plot chapters will appear. I will follow the development, but at the moment it is an honest 9 out of 10. A unique piece of interactive art for those who like to experiment and entertain themselves.