The Elder Scrolls Online - The best class for every style of play

The Elder Scrolls Online - The best class for every style of play

The MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) has a wide range of classes and races, each with their own advantages. However, depending on how you play, there are some classes that are more suitable than others. We have put together a few suggestions for you.

The Elder Scrolls Online has a wide variety of class-race combinations. The really "best" class can hardly be made out here. It depends on your playing style and of course on your own taste.

In ESO you can also skill and equip each class differently. You are absolutely not restricted. Your heroes can wear everything in armor and weapons and every class can take on any role.

These are the six playable classes in ESO:

  • Dragonknight
  • Nightblade
  • Necromancer
  • Warden
  • templar
  • Sorcerer

You can skill these classes differently, but the main attributes are always Magicka, Endurance or Life.

In this guide we give you a few recommendations on which class might best suit you and your play style. Feel free to leave us a comment on which combination you prefer and share your knowledge with new players.

Which is the best solo class?

If you want to fight your way through ESO solo, you should take a closer look at the Templar and Wizard. With these classes you can level yourself relaxed. They are each skilled on magicka, although the wizard is a good choice on stamina too.

Magicka Templar

  • Lots of self healing
  • Good defense (depending on armor)
  • High damage to single targets
  • Strong area damage attacks early

Magicka wizard

  • High damage against single targets
  • Both melee and ranged damage
  • A strong pet (depending on skill level)
  • Lots of area damage attacks
  • Good self healing

Whether all alone or with a companion, here you have two good solo alternatives.

Which class is the best DD?

In the current DLC Markarth, according to the animal lists, the Templar, the Night Blade, the Wizard and the Dragon Knight are among the best damage classes. The Templar and the Night Blade are represented with both skills, i.e. stamina and magicka. According to the list, dragon knights and wizards are more likely to convince on Magicka.

This is what can do: We selected the tier lists from the website . Here players can upload their battle statistics. They are saved and analyzed. This means that data from real players can be evaluated and not theoretical calculations. Based on this data, score points are assigned to the classes. So how well they perform in which situation. You can also look at individual reports at and even look at the equipment of the players involved.

This results in tier lists of the best classes. Depending on the environment, for example in the dungeons, healers and tanks are also represented, not just the DDs. All roles and classes are given the score points. So it's not just the damage that matters. However, the DDs with the best performance can also be assumed to cause the most damage.

This is the tier list for the Trial Kynes Aegis: The Magicka Templar is a little ahead in the logs. The other classes are often close together. However, if you want to commit yourself, the Magicka Dragon Knight and the Magicka Night Blade win. You can see a more detailed list here:

According to, the tier list is based on percentage performance

This is the tier list for dungeons: If you look at the best DDs in hard-mode dungeons, the endurance Templar is at the top. The endurance night blade is also impressive. In addition, the magicka wizard and the other skill of the templar and the night blade can also score points:

According to, the tier list is based on percentage performance

Such statistics can also shift in arenas or trials. You can rarely just stand still and savor your damage. However, that is the advantage of, real combat data is evaluated here. In addition, the maximum damage is of course always dependent on your style of play and exercise.

Which class is best for a tank?

As a tank, ESO offers itself to be trained for life. However, that depends on your equipment. As a class, you can choose the Dragonknight, the Warden, the Sorcerer or the Nightblade. These are among the best classes for tanks.

Dragon Knight

  • Very good shield skills
  • Great self healing
  • Good survivability
  • Very tough
  • Good support
  • Great adaptability for all tasks

Night blade

  • Good survivability
  • Very tough
  • Good support
  • Good health
  • Medium adaptability


  • Good adaptability for dungeons and trials
  • Good staying power
  • Good self healing
  • Good support


  • Great staying power
  • Very good survivability
  • Incredibly good resource management
  • Good shields
  • Very good self healing
Both the Dragon Knight and the Night Blade, the Sorcerer and the Warden are very tough. This is essential for tanks. In addition, they are all good support for the group.

The dragon knight is a bit more adaptable in terms of his skill. In the new Raid Kynes Aegis in particular, however, the wizard has proven itself well.

What class is the best healer?

If you want to play a healer in Elder Scrolls Online, the best way to skill is magicka. The currently best classes include the Warden, the necromancer and the templar.


  • Well armed for all tasks
  • Very good healing
  • Excellent staying power
  • Good support

Necromancer and Templar

  • Well armed for all tasks
  • Very good healing
  • Great group support
  • High toughness
  • Great adaptability
  • Good survival skills
The necromancer, guardian, and templar are similar as healers. They all perform very well in the latest chapter and with all three classes you can adapt well to trials and dungeons.

Which class does best in PvP?

The hardest part of PvP is to make a recommendation. They are ideal for PvP classes with high survivability and good burst damage. It also makes a difference what you want to play. You can fight duels, play small-scale or large group PvP.

The best thing to do here is to play a class that you have mastered very well. Other players are more unpredictable than normal enemies. So you can only win if you can play your class blindly or if you are a natural.

The recommendations in this guide are subjective and depend on your play style and skill. Many classes are difficult to play and require some practice.

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