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Warframe - First Deimos Update, Hardcore Improvements, Corpus Kuva Lich and New Railjack Location


The guys from the Digital Extremes studio held another broadcast of the virgins. a stream that talked about the future of the multiplayer shooter Warframe . Already this month, the game is waiting for the first major update for the open location on Deimos, as well as work on the Kuva Lichs of the Corpus faction, an update for Railjack mode and other interesting things.

Warframe on nextgen consoles

In case you missed the recent announcement, the game should be out on PlayStation 5 before the end of the year. That said, the developers aren't just bringing Warframe to the next generation console. The new hardware will allow to implement all the current developments of improved visualization technology. Renewed rendering technology creates spectacular dynamic lighting. In order not to be unfounded, watch a video comparing graphics on PS4 and PS5.

In addition to improved visuals, Warframe will also become noticeably faster, which will significantly affect the duration of the loading screen. Digital Extremes promises support for 4K resolution, 60 FPS and adaptive triggers on the DualSense controller. In general, those planning to buy a PlayStation 5 should definitely try the improved version of the game.

Other important features include crossplay between different generations of consoles from Sony, progress transfer, simultaneous release of the update for PS4 and PS5, as well as the upcoming celebration of Warframe's release on PlayStation 4, which will be available on both consoles.

But about the release of the game on the Xbox Series X, the studio will tell a little later.

"Heart of Deimos: Arcana"

In the next few weeks, the release of a major update "Heart of Deimos: Arcana" will take place. This is the first update of an open location on a satellite of Mars. However, the upcoming changes will affect other aspects of the game. 

The developers plan to improve the hardcore mode "Steel Path". In more difficult versions of missions, novices of the stalker will start spawning. They will act as mini-bosses, and for killing them will be given the essence of steel. There will be daily quests that will improve the cooperative component of the mode. Completing them will also give you the Steel Way currency. Teshin's store will also change. His assortment will begin to change every week, and the product will be replenished with very rare items. 

The update will also significantly expand the underground section of Deimos. Players will be able to find in the storage a puzzle with a huge mouth of an infected creature. Completing it will unlock valuable rewards. In addition, the developers will add a second nonkramech called "Bonewidow". One of his abilities will be pulling together enemies in front of the mech. Blueprints for Bonewidow can be purchased from the Necraloid Shop.

Warframe - First Deimos

The Heart of Deimos: Arcana should include the following changes to the Haku frame, new types of orders, improvements to the animal conservation process with fixing the most common problems, infected kitgans, 7 types of new weapons, 4 augments, hoaxers and a deluxe Gara skin. A small revision of the abilities of Chroma, Nekros, Zephyr, Ash, Atlas and Nydus is expected. For example, Chroma will be able to change the used element right during missions. 

Glaives are to be changed a lot. The developers will increase the damage from a heavy attack, improve the throwing mechanics, slightly rework the control of this type of weapon, add auto-blocking attacks, add several new mods and much more. 

But the new Lavos frame will not be released with the Heart of Deimos: Arcana update. Although his model is already available for virgins. build, work has not been completed yet. 

Corps Kuva  Liches and Railjack Mode Update

The next major update after Heart of Deimos: The Arcana may be the appearance of the Kuva Lichs of the Corpus faction and a new Railjack location. It is not yet known exactly when this update may come out. Perhaps its release should be expected in late winter or early spring. 

In this update, the Digital Extremes team plans to improve the mechanics of the Kuva Lichs by improving the regional group match and adding the final battle with the Lichs on Railjacks, as was shown during the presentation at TennoCon 2019. The developers are also looking for ways to solve the problem with the whisper farming problem, but so far without details... 

Along with the Lichs of the Corps, which will become an elite female squad of minions of Parvos Granum, a completely new type of weapon will appear - folding suitcases.

new type of weapon folding suitcases.

A new location for the mode of space battles on ships will be the orbit of Neptune. She was not shown on the stream, however, several screenshots were lit in an article for the PlayStation blog. Since the update is dedicated to the Corps, it is the fleets of this faction that will become opponents in the new location of the Railjack.

new location of the Railjack. Screenshot

new location of the Railjack. Screenshot 1