The Warlock is a class that is capable of instilling fear in its opponents, both literally and figuratively. Curses and summoning familiars are what sets the warlock apart from other classes. In this guide, we'll talk specifically about the PVE life of a warlock in World of Warcraft: Classic. In this guide, you can learn everything in order to decently raid for this class. To do this, I will have to touch on all the points that are important for raiding.

basic information

If you've never played or never played a warlock in classic WoW, then chances are you won't be disappointed with this class. The fact is that for both a beginner and a casual player, and for nerds who like to give out big numbers and be in the top in DPS, this class is well suited. What is the reason for this?

  • fast and easy pumping;
  • the social role of the class in the form of calling for allies;
  • easy and simple to learn.

Having these three very significant advantages, the warlock is still in the TOP4 DPS class and rises greatly in damage with the release of each new raid.

Faction selection

Choosing the warlock as the main character, the choice of the faction itself will play an important role. The fact is that your main problem when gaining an adequate amount of accuracy will be a very high AGRO. The warlock must be very careful about the level of his threat, otherwise you can easily rip off the boss on yourself, than destroy the entire raid. You can disrupt AGRO in a couple of critsArrows of Darkness...

The Horde Warlocks have a greater threat problem than the Alliance Warlocks, since the latter have paladins that reduce the threat coming from you by as much as 30% at the expense of Blessing of salvation... The Horde has shamans with theirTotem of calm, but not always you will fall into their group. And we also have to remember that totems in Classic work only for the group, and not for the entire raid.

Race selection

If you have decided on a faction, then you need to choose the right race. And here everything is simple. For both factions, we have only 2 options.

For the Alliance, these are people and gnomes. The most profitable option would be gnomes due toInquiring mindwhich increases the intelligence of the warlock by 5%.

For the Horde, you are free to choose the one whose face you like. It doesn't matter if you take a Forsaken or an Orc, both of these races will not be useful for PVE.

Feature Priorities

There are 3 main stats for a warlock.

1. Accuracy . The first thing that will always take priority over other stats is accuracy. It is logical, because with a lack of a hit, we will see a lot of misses, and there the power of spells and a critical strike will no longer play a role. We need to collect 16% accuracy, this number is the cap. An adequate indicator is a figure of 8-10%, then warlocks begin to accelerate in terms of DPS.

2. Power of spells . Everything is simple here. Directly increases damage depending on spells in a different percentage.

3. Critical hit . We get it from intelligence in the amount of 1% for 60 units of intelligence and from secondary characteristics.

Talents and builds

As varied as the PVP warlock talent builds are, in PVE you really only have 2 options.

Shadow Master (SM)

Some talents in the Spellcraft tree can be replaced. The curse of exhaustion and Improved Curse of Exhaustion- these are PVP talents, but there is no point in PVE from other talents. If you are also going to PVP, then this branch is perfect. Few in Vanilla can afford to play PVP and PVE in the same build - a warlock in an SM build can afford it. Up to 90% of Warlocks play in this build.

It should be understood that there are usually no more than 1-2 such warlocks in a raid due to the restrictions on the debuff slots for damage. Also, in a group with a tank, 100% of one such warlock is needed to increase the stamina from the imp.

Demonic Sacrifice (DS)

As you can see, the focus is no longer on talent in this build. Power over the Shadows, or rather, he is not here at all. As in the previous build, the talent is takenThe rout from the Destruction branch, but in the Demonology branch we are most interested in Demonic Sacrifice... All other talents are passable, and you are free to distribute them as you please. In the Witchcraft branch, we are most interested inImproved Life Saving, here you can pick up 2 talents from Suppression and inject them into Cataclysm, for example, by reducing the mana cost of Shadow Bolt.

This build is based on devouring your Succubus with Demonic sacrifice... After eating it, you do 15% more damage for 30 minutes. It's important to note that this talent increases the mana regeneration withImproved Life Saving by 15%, as it is Shadow damage.

Features of spells

To play well as any class, it's always important to understand how it works and how its spells function properly. Let's consider the main ones:

  • Bolt of darkness Is your main damage dealing ability.
  • Spoilage - a pillbox that deals damage for 18 seconds ticks every 2 seconds.
  • Life tap Is our main source of mana.
  • Burn of Darkness- a spell that works instantly, causing damage. Requires a Soul Shard. If the target dies within 5 seconds, you get this shard back. It is used when finishing off, when you do not have time to charge the Shadow Bolt 100%, or while running, when you do not have the opportunity to cast something.
  • Burning painIs a fairly fast spell that deals medium damage. We use it when killing trash with a small supply of HP, when you do not have time to utter the Arrow of Darkness, also according to the situation on Chrommagus, anubisats in AK (y) 40 and mobs in BVL.
  • The face of deathIs an instant spell that deals damage and heals you equal to that damage. Used when finishing off a boss or trash that dies quickly.
  • Curse of agonyIs a curse that deals damage to the target over 24 seconds. Not used on bosses due to the limitation on debuff slots, occasionally applies to trash that takes a long time to kill


Also warlocks hang obligatory curses. There are 5 curses in total, but usually there is only enough space for 3. Curse priority:

  1. Curse of recklessness
  2. Curse of the elements
  3. Curse of darkness
Warlocks must keep these curses on bosses all the time. If you are responsible for one of these curses, then try not to forget to update it.


The Warlock is easy to learn. You can tell right away when you see its rotation:

Single Target Damage

In the DS build, all we need to do is call Succubus, eat it, increasing your damage by 15%, and then spam Arrow of Darkness as the main source of damage.

In the SM build, we also charge Arrow of Darkness, but we still constantly support this Spoilage that we need for good Twilight... When there is a lack of mana, we do Life tap... Be careful with this ability, it takes a lot of lives, and you can accidentally kill yourself with the boss or trash.

Damage to multiple targets

In a situation where a lot of trash runs out, try to throw on each torso Spoilage... In terms of AOE damage, the warlock is the TOP DPS in Vanilla, and no one can overtake him in principle. If you play the SM build, you will see the benefitTwilight often and cast instantly Arrow of Darkness, since there are many Spoilagewill be able to make use of this talent. Someone is usingCurse of agonyon trash, but as practice shows, it makes little sense if trash does not live too long. SpamArrows of Darkness or banal bay With a fiery shower or Hellfire (if a lot of mobs) will give more damage


Professions play an important role in Vanilla for any class. The greatest advantage we will get by examiningTailoring and Engineering...

Engineering will allow us to deal damage with Goblin Sapper Charges and will give you the opportunity to make different interesting devices for PVP.

Tailoring allows you to dress the best prereyd body Robe of the Abyss...


Let's analyze 2 main assemblies. Prerade is what you need to collect before going on raids. BiS is the best gear for a warlock in WoW: Classic.

Prede equipment

  • Head
Felcloth Hood (Tailoring)
Protector's Dreadweave Cowl (PVP)

  • Necklace
Anastari's legacy (Baroness Anastari in Stratholme)
Pendant of the Dark Counselor (Vectus in Scholomance)

  • Shoulders
Felcloth Shoulders (Tailoring)
Champion's Dreadweave Spaulders (PVP)

  • Raincoat
Archivist's Cape with shadow damage (Archivist Galford in Stratholme)

  • Bib
Robe of the Abyss (only for tailors)
Robe of winter night (Tailoring)

  • Bracers
Flameweave cuffs with shadow damage (Lord Scorch in Blackrock Depths)
Tearfall Bracers Shadow Damage (The Unforgiven in Stratholme)

  • Hands
Hands of might (Quartermaster Zigris at Blackrock Summit)

  • Belt
Star belt (Tailoring)

  • Legs
Skyshroud Leggings (Chieftain Omokk at Blackrock Summit)

  • Feet
Maleki's Windings (Malekai the Pale in Stratholme)

  • Rings
Nether Ring (world drop, auction)
Unicorn ring (world drop, auction)

  • Accessories
Rosehip Woodpecker (Jed Runawayer at Blackrock Summit)
Eye of the Beast (quests For the Horde! and Death of General Drakkisath)

  • Weapon
Staff of Jordan (world drop, auction)

  • Wand
Dragon finger with damage from dark magic (world drop, auction)

BiS equipment

  • Head
Cursed Heart Circlet (T3)

  • Necklace
Amulet of Vek'nilash (Emperor Vek'nilash in Ahn'Qiraj)

  • Shoulders
Cursedheart Shoulderguards (T3)

  • Raincoat
Necropolis Cloak (Sapphiron in Naxxramas)

  • Bib
Damned Heart Robe (T3)

  • Bracers
Rockfury Bracers (quest Enduring Armor)

  • Hands
Darkstorm Gauntlets (C'Thun in Ahn'Qiraj)

  • Belt
Stem Eyes Cord Hip Belt (C'Thun in Ahn'Qiraj)

  • Legs
Leggings of Opposite (Thaddius in Naxxramas)

  • Feet
Cursedheart Sandals (T3)

  • Rings
Ring of Inevitability (Not the Plague One in Naxxramas)
Ring of the Fallen God (quest Savior of Kalimdor)

  • Accessories
Neltharion's Tear (Nefarian in Blackwing Lair)
Captured Essence of Sapphiron (Sapphiron in Naxxramas)

  • Weapon
Ghost blade (Mexna in Naxxramas)
Sapphiron's left eye (Sapphiron in Naxxramas)

  • Wand
Rod of Destinies (Patchwork in Naxxramas)

Enchant equipment

  • Head
Hoodoo Conspiracy

  • Shoulders
Strength of the Scourge

  • Raincoat
Enchant Cloak - Subtlety

  • Bib
Enchant Chestpiece - All Attributes IV

  • Bracers
Enchant Bracelet - Intellect

  • Hands
Enchant Gloves - Shadow Power

  • Legs
Hoodoo Conspiracy

  • Feet
Enchant Boots - Haste

  • Weapon
Enchant Weapon - Spell Power


Consumables and chemicals that you must use in every raider. The main consumables for the raid are:

  1. Flask of Great Power- the most expensive thing you use. Increases your spell power and does not drop on death.
  2. Elixir of the power of darkness
  3. Strong Arcane Elixir
  4. Brilliant Wizard Oil
  5. Greatest Mana Potion
  6. Demonic rune and Dark rune
  7. Goblin Sapper Charges (for engineers)


Questie is a must-have addon for any player of World of Warcraft: Classic, which simplifies the passage of quests at times.

ClassicLFG is an addon that will help you find a group to go to a dungeon or raid.

Deadly Boss Mods is an addon that is essential for all players actively involved in raiding. Simplifies the passage of raids.

Warlock macros

Interrupting a pet's attack

/ petfollow
/ petpassive

Sometimes Warlock pets attack targets contrary to their master's orders. This macro recalls the pet and prevents it from attacking again.

Pet attack

#showtooltip Immolate
/ petattack
/ cast Immolate

The macro orders the pet to attack the target and simultaneously applies Sacrificial fire... The macro is used in a single player game where the pet plays the role of a tank. If you wish, you can replace Immolate with any other spell.

Wand shot

/ cast! Shot

Usually a button press Shotalternately turns on and off the wand attack. If you replace the Shot button with the above macro, you will not be able to turn off the attack when pressed again, and your character will fire the optimal number of shots, even if he has to move in the process.

Abduction of life without undo

#showtooltip Drain Life
/ cast [nochanneling: Drain Life] Drain Life

If while reading Abduction of lifeyou cast the same spell again, the previous spell will interrupt, and you will lose several procs. The macro allows you to always read Abduction to the end and thereby saves mana. If desired, Drain Life can be replaced withSoul abduction or any other streaming spell.

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