CoD Warzone: Easter Egg on Rebirth Island gives you a weapon blueprint - that's how it works

CoD Warzone: Easter Egg on Rebirth Island gives you a weapon blueprint - that's how it works

 With the first season of Black Ops Cold War there was a new map for Call of Duty: Warzone , which also brings new secrets into the game. One of them is an Easter Egg that gives you a weapon blueprint. MeinMMO shows you how to solve it.

What kind of Easter egg is that? Already on the first map of Call of Duty: Warzone, with the city of Verdansk and the surrounding area, there were many secrets to discover.

The new map Rebirth Island, a former prison island including mysterious laboratories, apparently wants to connect to this tradition and brings an Easter Egg right at the start, with which you can secure a free weapon blueprint for the submachine gun "Milano".

The puzzle is not that easy to solve because you should already know the new map reasonably well and the first quest step contains a random factor. MeinMMO shows you what you need to solve the riddle.

If you want to see the solution in the video, we will include an English YouTube video by the Warzone puzzle specialist "Geeky Pastimes" for you. He and his community found out on Discord on the release day of the map how to solve the Easter Egg:

Rebirth Island Easter Egg: Step 1 - Find the suitcase with the photos

What do I have to do for that? To start the Easter Egg, you have to rely on your luck. You need a suitcase that happens to be on the map. There are fixed locations where the part spawns, but they are spread over the map. It is therefore recommended that you enter the game as a full team in order to have the best chance of finding a solution.

What is the difficulty? In his video, Geeky shows a map with the possible positions of the suitcase. On the day of the release, he and his Discord server already found 6 locations with the thing and he's not sure if that's all. We'll include the map here for you. As soon as the new location is known, we add the article accordingly:

6 locations that Geeky Pastimes and its puzzle community found

Step 2 - Find & assemble the code

What do I have to do for that? Once you have found the suitcase, there are three photos around it that will help you with the next step. In the photos you can see images of places on the map that you then have to visit.

Numeric codes are hidden in these places. And really hidden. A transmitter mast can be seen in the photo and the code is then at the bottom of the mast under a grille.

The codes are not necessarily in the places that can be seen in the photos.

The codes are not necessarily in the places that can be seen in the photos.

In addition, every location apparently shows codes in every round, but these change with every match. If you have the photos, you have to check out the locations every round.

In the end you need a code of 8 letters. You can recognize the order of the partial codes by the numbers themselves. The hyphens show how you put them together correctly.

  • The 1st code has a dash at the back: XX -
  • The 2nd code has dashes on both sides: - XX -
  • The 3rd code has a hyphen in front: - XX

What is the difficulty? Currently, no map could be found that shows the photos with the associated locations. So you have to search a little yourself. To do this, you have to know the new map pretty well and then find out the codes in the hidden corners.

Step 3 - Enter the secret room on Rebirth Island

What do I have to do for that? If you have the codes, you have to go to the secret room where the blueprint is waiting for you. We have marked the building for you on the Rebirth map:

Step 3 - Enter the secret room on Rebirth Island

In the northeast part of the house you will find a large, yellow door and a number pad next to it. Enter the 8-digit code with the pad and the door will open. Run down the stairs and have a little loot festival. In addition to the weapon blueprint on the desk, you also have the chance to find some of the Warzone's powerful surgical items.

The room is packed with loot.

What is the difficulty? You are almost there at this point, but don't get careless now. So that your whole team receives the blueprint, you all have to hold it briefly in your hand. Put it down quickly when you get the ad.

Watch out for opponents who are in the house and try to act as one. Going on at this point would be really annoying. Maybe the new weapons from Season 1 can help you.

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