Cyberpunk 2077 ray tracing optimization

Cyberpunk 2077 ray tracing optimization

A game: Cyberpunk 2077

Author: romelsalwi

Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Clip
Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Clip

The size: 1.00 kB

Optimized Raytracing Setting.

Optimized ray tracing setting for CP2077. Checked at v1.06.

A few things you should be aware of and fix if you wish:

- GeometryUpdateBufferSizeMB and ScratchBufferSizeMB are buffers for data used by the RT engine (excluding the mechanism itself). I noticed some improvements when I increased them over the default values. Recommended usage will give more geometry buffer. Don't forget to leave some free space for the RT engine itself.

- It will lag a little while you try to look in the mirror. So be careful when setting up VRAM. Leave room for other resources too!

- If you need higher quality reflections, set EnableHalfResolutionTracing = false and ResolutionScaleEnable = -1.

- There is a possibility that some scenes may not look as intended by the artist / developers, as this mod basically reduces the number of RT lights affecting shaders.

- I recommend using only RT reflection. The game engine itself has a nice set of lighting, GI and shadows implementation.


- Increase DynamicInstanceUpdateNumMax to reduce flickering, but at the cost of lower FPS. Keep it as low as possible. If you plan to use only RT reflections, set it to 1. If you plan to also use lighting, then it should be at least 8. The higher this value, the more beautiful and responsive the game looks.

- Optimize your game settings! Setting all values ​​to ultra won't do you any good. If you plan on using this mod, I would suggest disabling SSR. If you only want to use RT reflections, remove UseScreenSpaceData = true from the ini file.

- If you are having trouble deciding how many GeometryUpdateBufferSizeMB and ScratchBufferSizeMB should be, you can simply delete these lines and they will default to their original values ​​/

- Here are the defaults that are pretty low: GeometryUpdateBufferSizeMB = 64 ScratchBufferSizeMB = 32

When you choose to enable RT, the underlying RT engine will continue to run whether you use derived functions or not.

Installation: Copy the file to / Cyberpunk 2077 / engine / config / platform / pc.

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