Fortnite: How to unlock the new "Snowmando" skin for free

Fortnite: How to unlock the new "Snowmando" skin for free

 In Fortnite there is currently the winter skin "Snowmando" to be unlocked. We'll show you what you have to do to get it for free.

That's going on right now in Fortnite: It runs the operation: Snowdon . This is the Christmas event in Fortnite and every day brings you a new task that you have to solve.

There is also a reward for each task. On December 25th there was also the “Snowmando” skin up for grabs. We'll show you all the steps you need to take so that you can bag the skin.

Unlock Snowmando - Here's how

Solve these tasks: If you haven't looked at Fortnite in the last few days, you now have to do a few things. The reward is only given if you have successfully completed all of the tasks in Operation Snowdown. At least until December 25th, because that's where the Snowmando skin is available.

There are a total of 9 tasks that you have to complete before you get the winter skin. These include:

  • Dance around 5 different Christmas trees
  • Search crates at Snowmando Outpost
  • Finish in the top 10 with friends in Squads mode
  • Destroy 3 nutcracker statues
  • Fly 5000 yards in X-4 Stormwings
  • Destroy what is built by opponents with the X-4 Stormwings
  • Collect 100 gold bars
  • Catch a snow zapper

When you have completed all of these tasks, you will receive the Snowmando skin in your inventory and can equip it for the next round.

How long do you have time to unlock? You can still complete the tasks until January 5th. You only have until December 28th to receive the cosmetics. So you have to hold on.

What is the Snowmando Skin? This skin is already known from Fortnite. It's an NPC that appears on the map. For example, he sells you the Big Chill. A powerful grenade launcher .

Now you can play the skin yourself and don't even have to spend any money. You only have to complete the tasks by December 28th.

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