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How to Break Strange Ice in Genshin Impact

How to Break Strange Ice in Genshin Impact

 In the Genshin Impact, there is "strange ice" in the Dragon Ridge region that is impossible to melt and difficult to break.

The Genshin Impact 1.2 Patch is finally out , and with it comes an all-new Ice Region to explore! Fight new enemies, buy new content and take part in a new event!

How to Break Strange Ice in Dragon Spine

To break the ice in the Dragon Spine region, you must first find a new type of loot / crystal called thing Scarlet Quartz  . After you break him, you will receive a buff when picking up his shard, which will allow you to break the ice. However, the buff is only valid for a limited time, so find Crimson Quartz next to the ice you are trying to break so you can get to it and break it in time!

It makes sense that there is a mechanic revolving around breaking ice in the new Dragon Spine region, since the entire mountain is a snowy ice region. If the weather is cold enough to make your Sims experience a new status effect called Severe Frost , it's definitely cold enough to freeze other objects.

To break through the ice covering these objects, you must first find a red crystal called Scarlet Quartz. It is not difficult to find it, as it is almost everywhere on Dragon Ridge. However, remember that it is not actually an item, so it will not appear in your inventory. This is actually a buff when you collect shards of a larger crystal. After receiving the buff, it gives you the ability to break those pesky giant ice crystals, and also allows you to break ice on the Statue of Seven in Dragon Ridge. Here's a YouTube video explaining how to do it: