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New development details for Witchfire


New development details for Witchfire

The Astronauts studio has published new details of the development of the fantasy shooter Witchfire.

The studio started working on a series of boss arenas. According to the developers, every attempt to get to the boss should bring pleasure to the player, and failure should try again.

For this, the developers decided to create a system of barriers, like in Painkiller or Devil May Cry. With this system, the player will not be able to go further until he overcomes a wave of opponents. However, the studio doesn't want to make classic barriers.

The developers want the gameplay to be based on waves. Example: a player enters the arena with a witch, but waves of minions prevent him from reaching her.

Developers want to make good procedural AI. However, scripting everything manually is beyond the power of an indie studio, so the developers are looking for a different approach.

The developers rely on games in which the enemy respawn points are manually created. However, in 2 months the studio failed to achieve the desired results. The gameplay felt wrong, chaotic, and aimless. As a result, the developers decided to try a different approach.