Passage "Romance Club" The secret of heaven. " Season 3, Episode 7

Passage "Romance Club" The secret of heaven. " Season 3, Episode 7

 We devoted this small guide to the passage of the 7th episode of the 3rd season of the visual novel “Romance Club. The secret of heaven. "

Guide “Romance Club. The secret of heaven. " Season 3, Episode 7.

The first question - from the advisers - "Is Malbonte so terrible?"


Yes, he's a monster! - and the connection with Malbonte will weaken

He's angry and dangerous - won't get you anywhere

No, he's not like that at all! - improve your relationship with Malbonte.

High Connection Path with Malbonte - The advisor's threats will apply to you as well.


The low connection path - those on the right side have nothing to fear.


Then you will be left with your mother alone. For 20k, you can learn more from your mother about the advisor - "I want to see the whole picture." Or the answer is "Nobody to anything" - accordingly, nothing.

Next, go to the store for clothes:

- Elegant (20k)

- Wealthy city woman (26k)

Simple urban.

Mother will buy herbs and will not pay attention to you:

- If you require an explanation - +1 to the demon

- If you trust her - +1 to the angel.

Rebecca walks over to one of the houses and knocks. Angela opens. With high fame, Angela will say that she heard about you and invite you to the house. Choose a dish at the table, it will not affect anything.

Then there is an awkward pause. Replica options:

- to say that the city is restless

- ask what anyone thinks of Malbonte (loss of 2 fame points)

- ask about boarded up windows (loss of 1 fame point)

Neutral theme (plus 1 renown point).

Further, the choice - the mother offers Yor a drink. Warn him?

If you warn, then +2 to the angel, and the action will affect the story.


If not, +2 to the demon, actions will also affect the story.


The first option is that Yor is alive, but his mother is angry. Second - Yor died,

Next is the reaction to Rebecca's actions:

- Call her a monster

- To say that her actions can be understood (she will hug us, but immediately step back)

- I cannot just trade other people's lives as easily (she will promise to take on the dirty work and pat you on the head)

Further - a conversation with Malbonte:

The path of low communication - we say that we will fight against it.

High connection path - say that your mother will never take his side, but you are ready to follow him.

Next - a kiss with Malbonte.

Kiss Response - 26k and Better Relationship with Malbonte

- Push him away and then hit

This is the 7th episode of the 3rd season “Romance Club. The Secret of Heaven ”is completed.

Romance Club. The secret of heaven

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