Season 1: Battle Pass, New Maps and More | Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Season 1: Battle Pass, New Maps and More | Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

 The wait is over: with Season 1 of Call of Duty: Cold War , the first Battle Pass will finally be released. However, you also get a lot of other content completely free of charge, such as new weapons, maps or modes. We'll clarify all of the content that will be introduced in Season 1.

When does season 1 start? When is the Battle Pass coming?

Season 1 starts on December 16, 2020 on all platforms simultaneously. In addition, the first CoD Battle Pass will be released at the same time: Cold War.

Season 1 new content

Treyarch has shared some information about the upcoming Season 1 on her social media channels - exact details have been leaked by smart data miners. Below you can read what content you can expect with the start of Season 1 on December 16, 2020:

  • Gun battle ("2 on 2" mode) returns with special maps (U-Bahn, ICBM, KGB, Game Show)

  • new modes for multiplayer: Dropkick and Prop Hunt (both "6-on-6")

  • New maps: The Pines, Raid, Nuketown '84 Holiday, Sanatorium (fire party mode)

  • New weapons: OZ-14 Groza (assault rifle), Streetsweeper (shotgun), Mac-10 (submachine gun)

  • new zombie modes: Jingle Hells, Cranked

  • secret warzone event that brings both games together

  • the tactical boat as a new vehicle in multiplayer mode

  • new series of points: HARP

  • new elite operators; Zeyna, Stitch and Bulldozer

  • Prestige levels 4 to 7

Attention: Please note that the names of the maps, for example, have not yet been officially confirmed. These are leaks from data miners. As soon as the developers reveal all information, we will update the information accordingly.

What does the Battle Pass deliver?

Details about the Battle Pass are not yet known, but some extras have already been found through leaked images and data in the code of the game . If you have leveled up other Call of Duty Battle Passes, the following content should not surprise you:

  • new weapons and blueprints

  • Skins for weapons and operators

  • completely new operators

  • Trailer for weapons

  • stylish watches

  • Business cards and emblems

  • Double XP Token

If you want to unlock all content in the Battle Pass, you have to grab your wallet. However, you also get some extras in the free Battle Pass.

Merger with Warzone

The current CoD offshoots will also merge on December 16, 2020 . Progress in Cold War, Warzone and Modern Warfare will largely be merged - for example, there is a common level for all three games. New in Warzone are these:

  • new map "Rebirth Island"
  • new gulag
  • Cold War weapons and equipment will be added
Are you looking forward to the new content in Season 1? 

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