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The hidden trick to report maps in Brawl Stars after each game

The hidden trick to report maps in Brawl Stars after each game

 The implementation of the report map button in Brawl Stars was as old as the inclusion of the Map Builder, a function as fun as it is frustrating depending on how lucky you are, something that Supercell begins to control with a more possibility right after the games.

The vast universe of Brawl Stars has as many propositions as map variants have been created in recent years and it seems that Supercell has taken the lifeboat of the community with respect to the report map button, a need that now comes to improve the beta of the Map Creator.

With the necessary patience after overcoming a strange map, all you have to do to report a created map is to wait after the game loading screen and instead of voting positively or negatively, go to the upper left area to click on the map name (in your code).

When you click on the name, a red window will appear with the indication of ' Report Map ' and from there you will begin the tortuous path to officially become a hater, or even more, a censor who works at the service of the game to support certain monstrosities.

Obviously, this map profile will only appear in the rotation if you go to the sandbox where the map changes per game, so you must be consistent with your actions so that the game improves every time you come across an arrangement in the one that cannot compete or enjoy the title.

The Map Creator is still in beta and for now evolves with each update with the intention of becoming a valid tool for all players, first because it expands the possibilities of play in the daily options in terms of gameplay, but also because it will go to more and more and more creation options. Patience and report.