This setting will extend battery life on Android phones

This setting will extend battery life on Android phones

 Obviously, regular use of your Android device will reduce your battery life. But there are many easy ways to minimize the drain on your Android phone's battery. We suggest checking out an easy way to extend your phone's battery life.

Wi-Fi auto scan and bluetooth auto scan is one of the reasons for fast battery drain on Android phone. Both functions are used to improve positioning. When enabled, system applications and services use it to determine location. We've noticed that disabling these two features dramatically increases battery life.

Here's how to turn off automatic Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning on your Android phone to reduce fast battery draining.

  1. Open "Settings" and go to search.
  2. Enter "Search" in the search box .
  3. Click on the search result “Search for Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices” . It should be noted that this function may be called differently, depending on the device.
  4. Make sure Scan for Wi-Fi networks and Scan for Bluetooth devices are turned off.

Important:  Be aware that disabling automatic Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning will affect some apps that require your location. Therefore, when using applications such as Maps, do not disable these two functions.

Please note that the latest smartphones with higher battery capacity and the latest battery management system do not need to make the above changes. But on older phones, we noticed that disabling the aforementioned settings extended battery life.

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