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 For many, the ongoing Covid pandemic is likely to be the greatest horror of 2020. But if you are looking for even more tension and thrill, the following games should be something for you. From witches to zombies and ghosts to killer sharks everything is on offer.

10: Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 3

After Part 2, Capcom also succeeds with Resident Evil 3 in transferring the horror of yesteryear to a new generation. A completely reworked graphic makes the undead eruption in Raccoon City even more oppressive and sweaty than in the original. In addition, Jill and Carlos are chased through the streets and buildings of the city by the deadly nemesis - and you never know when the giant will strike next. The puzzle portion has been reduced in favor of intense chases and driving boss fights, but that doesn't harm the game. With a good mix of scary atmosphere and action, Resident Evil 3 will keep you in suspense from start to finish.

9: Follia - Dear father

Follia - Dear father

The university can be pure horror. This is what protagonist Marcus finds out when he is looking for his parents employed there in Follia - Dear father at the college. The place of education has become a bizarre slaughterhouse. You have to move calmly so as not to scare away the monsters lurking in the darkness. In the meantime you are looking for helpful objects and ways to unravel the many secrets and to penetrate deeper and deeper into the nightmare university. If you like, you can sneak around the dark hallways with VR support - that makes the whole thing even more nerve-wracking than it already is.

8: Carrion


Just be a monster: Carrion lets you wreak havoc in a secret laboratory in the form of a red tentacle creature. Human snacks and fights against security robots are just as much on the agenda as short skills and puzzles. For this, your monster sometimes has to get rid of mass in order to fit through narrow shafts. Shortly afterwards you need the energy back, for example to tear out metal grids and open new paths. The game doesn't miss telling a little story where the ending could definitely come from a good horror movie.

7: Deadly Premonition 2

Deadly Premonition 2

The title Deadly Premonition still brings back the worst memories for many gamers. Mostly not because the game was particularly scary, but more because for many it was a gameplay nightmare cast into the game. It is not for nothing that it landed in the Guinness Book of Records as the “most polarizing game of all time”. The second round with the title "A Blessing in Disguise" is also not short of strange head-shaking moments. In the best twin peaks fashion, the adventure delivers a mix of grotesque and supernatural thriller. The authentic open world is full of strange characters and ludicrous eccentricities that keep the hair on the back of your neck straight. Well, at least you can't blame the cult developer “Swery65” for not having tried it...

6: Zombie Army 4 - Dead War 

Zombie Army 4 - Dead War

For the fourth time, Zombie Adolf sends his undead armies into battle against humanity. With up to three comrades you shoot the monsters into pieces and try to get to the musty leader who resides in hell. You shouldn't expect much from the story, but the action has a lot to offer: The shooting against the brain eater and other disgusting creatures is really fun, especially cooperative. Sometimes even a pinch of tactics comes into the slaughter if you set traps or help your teammates in dangerous situations with special skills. At the same time, each player tries to outdo the other players with his score. So always aim for the head! 

5: Amnesia - Rebirth

Amnesia - Rebirth

When it comes to horror, Amnesia cannot be missing! In 2020, Frictional Games sent you through dark tunnels and oppressive temple ruins in the Algerian desert in the latest offshoot Amnesia: Rebirth. As Tasi Trianon you err lost and only accompanied by naked fear and disturbing nightmares. In search of the secrets of her past, Tasi confronts the darkest fears, bitterest losses and deepest hopes. You will always find yourself looking over your shoulder and only finding a shadow. Or is there more lurking in the dark abyss?  

4: The Dark Pictures Anthology - Little Hope

The Dark Pictures Anthology - Little Hope

After zombies on the ghost ship, the second part of the Dark Pictures Anthology takes you to witch's hell. In Little Hope you help a group of students to uncover the horrific events surrounding an ancient witch trial in a gruesome ghost town. The shocker feels like a mixture of Silent Hill, 60s horror film and psychodrama. The developers at Bandai Namco went to great lengths with the different story decisions. You can torture your students through the creepy action adventure in a variety of ways. Replayability? Check!

3: Visage


Who would have thought that the survival horror game Visage, strongly reminiscent of PT, would still be released five years after its announcement? We sure don't! The setting is once again an apparently abandoned property that seems to have withstood the ravages of time in a mystical way. However, all the families living here were brutally killed. While you search the walls, the events of the murders play out as fragmentary visions and show that every death has its own face. For fans of atmospheric horror who don't need too many jump scares, the long wait was definitely worth it.

2: The Walking Dead - Saints & Sinners

The Walking Dead - Saints & Sinners

Zombies in VR - this becomes a terrible reality with The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. It is very easy to forget that you are wearing glasses and holding the controller in your hands. Because you do not expect wild carnage, but a tough fight for survival. Your stamina is just as limited as the durability of the weapons, so you have to constantly look for supplies. This is the only way to make new weapons, ammunition and food that will keep you alive. If it comes to a fight, every shot or blow must be correct, otherwise you end up as zombie food. The immediate tension and fear you experience in all of this is second to few other games. 

1: Phasmophobia 


Ghostbusters was yesterday! In Phasmophobia you go to the bottom of sinister apparitions with paranormal investigators. The dark co-op psycho horror game leads you through all kinds of haunted houses. You are only equipped with a camera, crucifix and similar ghost hunter gadgets. Your goal is to gather as much knowledge as possible about the different spirits and not to defeat them. So in the end there is only coal for information. The worst thing about ghost hunting is that the invisible beings are eavesdropping on you all the time. If you only speak one word in the game's voice chat, it may well be that your end is suddenly very close. If that's not enough for shock moments, treat yourself to the Twitch hit in VR. A feeling like in the film REC is guaranteed!   

Bonus: Maneater


Sharknado meets GTA - a crazy mix! After a nasty shark hunter has killed your mother, you swear bitter revenge as the offspring. From then on, everything that swims through ponds, lakes and the ocean is muffled. With increasing size you will even eat chunks like full-grown orcas. Of course, people are also on the menu: after you've caused a bloodbath on the beach, drunk fishermen hunt you down with boats and explosives. Maneater is not a big hit in terms of play, but lives from its absurdity. In addition, the title does not take itself seriously, but bursts with self-irony. A strong portion of environmental criticism is also part of it: the clear allusions to the real dealings of mankind with maritime habitats are more eerie than any killer shark.